We all know that we can learn a lot by watching other people climb and for me it’s also a really nice inspiration to keep training.

While searching the internet for great bouldering and climbing videos I found it hard to find the best ones and that’s why I started the instagram channel @bestboulders to showcase a selection of awesome bouldering videos.

I curate only the best videos to make sure that the content is relevant to my followers and looking back at the videos, there have been a few ones which got way more attention than the other ones.

The most popular bouldering videos

Superhuman Toe-hook

This is a very dynamic problem with an awesome double toe hook catch in between which requires a lot of core strength.

Climbing at the playground

This kid is just the boss at the playground. Walking in with the crashpad and crushing that slide problem is just inspiring to watch.

Ape in the climbing gym

Let’s be honest: Why did this not happen sooner? It’s so cute to see this ape figuring out the beta in this bouldering gym.

Endless campus climb

This guy doesn’t just completely destroy that problem without using his feet – He also downclimbs that huge thing with seemingly no effort.

Best keyholder for climbers

I was very surprised that the video of my first product got so many views and comments. It seems that a lot of people really like the keyholder if you you are interested in how it’s made, check out my article about the keyholder.

Escalating in an empty climbing gym

This guys took the opportunity of an empty climbing gym and set this jump and run style course.

Impressive outdoor bat hang

Unfortunately the only outdoor video in this list of the most popular climbing videos of BestBoulders – but an impressive one!
Let me know in the comments if you want a list with the most popular outdoor bouldering videos.

Climbing training at home

Imagine having this climbing training setup at your home. You would be a beast, right? 😉

Climbing upside down

Who said, that you need to climb arms first? Sometimes it’s best to flip things around and climb the other way around.

Is this even a climbing hold?

What’s this called? A crimp? A micro-crimp? Or just a foot hold? 😀

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Best Bouldering Videos
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