I just launched Climberdeal24 – An exclusive Telegram Chat (similar to a WhatsApp group chat) where I post giveaways and deals for climbers which are only valid for 24 hours. 

Here are a few frequently asked questions:

How does Climberdeal24 work? 

You just have to join the Climberdeal24 Telegram Channel – That’s it. 

Once there is a great giveaway or deal available, I’ll make a post in the chat and you’ll have 24 hours to go for it. 

Why should I join the Climberdeal24 Telegram Channel?

I’ll do my best to negotiate awesome deals and giveaways with your favourite climbing brands. 

I’ll make sure that it’s more than just the average discount deal. 

You can be certain that I only select climbing brands that are legit and worth supporting.  

How can I join the Climberdeal24 Telegram channel? 

You need the mobile app Telegram to join the channel.

Just click here to join or search for the Climberdeal24 channel in Telegram. 

Why do I have to download the telegram app? 

Who still likes email newsletters? 🤷‍♂️

I wanted to create a direct channel which is fun and easy to use. 

Telegram offers more features that WhatsApp so that’s why I chose this app. (Download here)

What kind of deals and giveaways can I expect? 

I’ll only select products that are relevant for climbers. 

Expect climbing shoes, training equipment, climbing gear (harness, rope, carabiners), skincare for your hands, training plans, apparel and more. 

Are the deals and giveaways worldwide?

Most of the deals will be international but I guess there’ll be a few deals which will have certain country restrictions. 

Are my personal information safe? 

Your mobile number is not visible to me or any other channel members.

You can leave the chat at any time and will never hear from me again. 

I’m very excited to see how far we can take this and if you ever have any questions or suggestions for brand deals let me know on instagram @bestboulders.