I am so thankful for people buying my products and it’s a great feeling that people value the time, effort and love I gave to bring you those products.

I’m not in this game for the money! Sure, by now I’m earning my living through selling unique climbing products but that’s not why I originally started this project.

I just love climbing and I really enjoy coming up with creative ideas for this community. It feels great to know that people also love what I do and that I can brighten the day of so many through my products.

For me, it’s really important that we all live consciously and take care of us, the animals and the world. It makes me really sad to see how we currently treat the planet with mass consumption, factory farming, pollution etc.

I think, everyone needs to do their part in order to make change happen and I really feel the responsibility to act and to not only to talk about change.

That’s why I decided to donate a percentage of the proceeds of each sold card deck to various charity organisations.

The organisations will change over time and I am more than happy for your suggestions! Please send me a DM on instagram or send a mail to mail@bestboulders.com with your suggestion.

Current donations go to:

COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for WHO – 1€ for each sold card deck.

Previous donation went to:

  • The #teamtrees project which aims to plant 20,000,000 trees around the globe in areas of great need. (See: https://teamtrees.org/ ) 1 tree donated for each sold card deck.
  • The Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund. 1€ for each sold card deck.

If you are interested in getting one of the card decks, check out my Etsy Shop.

This post will be updated once I decide to donate to other organisations.



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