For this survey, I asked for your preferences on climbing and bouldering chalk on my instagram channel @bestboulders. With about 140 participants from 27 different countries this survey was quite a bit less popular than the survey about the most popular bouldering shoes with 524 participants.

Maybe people just don’t care as much about which chalk to use for climbing. 😉 But still the survey brought some interesting insights which I want to share in this article.

‘Top 5’ Chalk for Bouldering and Climbing

To be fair, this is a really weird Top 5 list as there are several chalk brands sharing the same ranking because of the same market shares. Anyways, I wanted to share the data as it came in so here we go.

Most popular climbing and bouldering chalk brands 2019

  1. Friction Labs – 32,2%
  2. Black Diamond – 15,1%
  3. Tokyo Powder Industries – 6,8%
  4. – Top 4
    1. Whiteout – 2,7%
    2. Metolius – 2,7%
    3. Flashed – 2,7%
  5. – Top 5
    1. Ropeless – 2,1%
    2. Psychi – 2,1%
    3. Petzl – 2,1%
    4. Carbon Grip – 2,1%
    5. Camp – 2,1%
  6. Other – 27,4%

By far the most popular chalk brand for climbing is Friction Labs with 32,2% market share. In a world where a lot of people don’t really care about the brand, they did a really good job to get into people’s minds. (84K+ Followers on Instagram don’t lie)
I must honestly say that I never tried their chalk, but after this survey, I think I might have to give it a go. 😉

Black Diamond made it to Top 2 with 15,1% and even though the majority of the participants of the survey preferred the Black Diamond White Gold, I find their relatively new product Pure Gold really exciting as you can increase the performance of any climbing chalk with it. (Check out this video for more information about that)

Tokyo Powder Industries came a little bit as a surprise for me as I never heard that name before but it might be that the relatively small survey sample size is a bit misleading here. (Or is it just me?)

Similarly, the small sample size also led to the fact that Top 4 and Top 5 combine a total of eight climbing and bouldering chalk brands with the same market shares in their respective ranking.

But also the market share of 27,4% of other brands shows that there are a lot of other brands out there to check out.

Most Popular Climbing Chalk Types

Another interesting aspect for me was the preferred chalk type. Therefore I also asked about the preference of the following chalk types: Loose chalk powder, liquid chalk, blocks, chalk balls / socks, chunks.

Preferred chalk type of participants of the climbing and bouldering chalk survey

Not very surprisingly the loose chalk powder type is preferred by the vast majority of climbers. (Even though a lot of gyms don’t really like that)

Liquid chalk is still a very small niche in this sector but my opinion is that there will be a lot of improvements in the future. I can recommend checking out CremeChalk by KletterRetter if you haven’t tried it out before!
Friction Labs also has something to offer with the Secret Stuff Chalk Cream.

Background data about the survey participants

To give you a little bit more insights on the participants of this survey, I’ll quickly show you a few more charts for those of you who are interested. 😉

distribution of countries of participants of the survey
Distribution of Countries
Maximum bouldering grades of participants of the survey
Distribution of current max. bouldering grade

What are your thoughts on climbing and bouldering chalk? Does it even matter or have you experienced a huge difference in different brands?
Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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This is an ongoing survey and this article will be updated once more entries are submitted. Please take a minute and fill out the form to participate.

Last Update: March 2019

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195 thoughts on “Most Popular Chalk for Climbing and Bouldering 2019

  1. Clemens says:

    I never buy friction labs chalk because it’s by far the most expensive one. But chalk is kind of important on hot days or slopy holds Maybe I should give it a try…

    • Preston Oakes says:

      I use metolius simply because I have gotten a bunch of it for free over the years and just haven’t run out yet. I’ve always thought friction labs couldn’t be incredibly better than the rest of the brands but maybe it’s worth trying and breaking out for competitions and such if it really is noticeably better.

    • Kate says:

      Like many others I just pick what ever has the best price vs quantity ratio. I personally don’t like chalk socks at all, I always go for loose powder or blocks. As for liquid chalk i tried it a few times ,it is quite practical but still I don’t usually buy it.

  2. Dylan says:

    it’s fascinating how chalk really does make a difference. I really like friction labs but can never afford it, so I just buy generic workout chalk.

    • Cos says:

      I use ocun chalk that is very good for the cheap price but i think chalk doesnt make the climber …climber make the chalk

      • Saba says:

        I have tried three chalks in my lifetime as of yet. One being the generic rental chalks, second being my amazon chalk with the most features and third being the tube chalk that felt and smelled like chalk diluted in alcohol! (Was interesting but too drying)

  3. Dylan says:

    It’s so interesting how chalk matters so much. My favourite brand is friction labs, but I rarely buy it due to cost.

      • Yvonne says:

        Tokyo Powder Industries is pretty big where I’m from, I’m surprised others haven’t heard of it! I might have to give those other top brands a try though 🙂

  4. Dan Bocchino says:

    I usually go with black diamond but everyone raves about Friction labs so maybe I should try it out. Especially in the dirty south when friction is hard to come by with all the humidity. Thanks for the great content!

  5. Tom Hemblade says:

    I haven’t used that much of a variety of chalk when I am climbing but have recently started using friction labs fine uniform dust and I absolutely love it. I can see why it’s the favourite!!

  6. Jake says:

    Fascinating how much stock people put in a specific brand. After many years of climbing I very much have to the conclusion of “use what’s free/cheapest”

    • BestBoulders says:

      I think there is a slight difference in using chalk for bouldering compared to sport climbing. On longer routes it could make a difference when you don’t have to chalk up that often if the chalk is of better quality.

  7. Laura says:

    Mostly an unpopular opinion, but I’ve used liquid chalk since the beginning (mainly indoors) and I’m happy with it as it doesn’t fill the air as much with dust and stays on my hands longer!

    • BestBoulders says:

      Yeah, the dust really is a problem in a lot of gyms especially when they don’t use chalk socks.

  8. Jake says:

    It is quite fascinating how much stock people put in a specific brand. After many years of climbing I very much have to the conclusion of “use what’s free/cheapest”

    • Bruno says:

      I’ve recently changed the brand of my chalk and i felt a little difference, but not sure if it affects that much in your performance. Also, think i should give liquid chalk a chance! (@brunochang95)

  9. Instagram.com/Guiomelab says:

    Thanks for the post ! Just as you say, neither I used friction labs chalk but I guess I might give it a try !

  10. Mark Carroll says:

    Very interesting article but weirdly i didnt get a notification that you posted a story (weird) and didnt get a chance to vote.
    Anyway if you have access to it i would recommend you try the chalk from therockrider called “the white grip” its the best chalk ive used at a very good price. Keep the page up love it 🙂

  11. Nathan says:

    Friction lab is by far my favorite chalk, it’s so smooth and silky and lasts a very long time for its price!!

    • Samantha says:

      I love friction labs chalk! It seems to be the best consistency. I also like bison competition chalk.

  12. Adam says:

    I’ve never really thought too much about the different chalk brands. I usually use metolious loose chalk for both bouldering and climbing. My hands sweat quite a bit so someone recommended the cremechalk which I find I don’t have to keep reapplying as much. I just picked up a block which I like and some friction labs by chance so I’m looking forward to seeing if it makes a difference at my ability level.

  13. Adam Langs says:

    I’ve always been a, use whatever is on hand, type of climber. I’ve bounced a lot between white gold, metolius, and unicorn dust. Recently though I’ve started using my gymnastic friend’s uncut no name brand blocks. All you do is rub a block that looks like a soap bar on your hands and you’re good to go. Since I mostly climb in the south I tend to sweat a whole lot and for some reason this stuff sticks

  14. Nick Katsilas says:

    I just switched to primo chalk because my hands were always so dry and cracking from my old chalk. It had essential oils in it so it doesn’t dry out as bad!

  15. Shay says:

    I usually use black diamond.
    Well my friends are really black diamond freaks so if I wont use it they will kill me
    About the give away how does it work? Cuz I would really like the black shoes☯️

    • BestBoulders says:

      In my stories I said, that you need to provide a link to your instagram profile when you filled out the comment form here. But you can also reply your instagram name here. 😉

  16. satrio hapsoro says:

    i never knew chalk had so many difference brand. where i lived, we train on boulder with “blank chalk”, no brands, so this post really give me big wow effect on my head.. i read this with two friends..

    hey, this post was great, editors make lots effort to do statistic and easy to understand for readers.. great job

  17. Jenny cropley says:

    Thanks for the article ! I’m fairly new to climbing and so far only used a chalk ball. Going to go out and buy so loose chalk powder and try it out now !

  18. Cameron Busacca says:

    Interesting to see the majority climbing midrange grades, I would have expected more beginners. As well, I’m a mix em up kind of guy. I can’t deny the quality of friction labs, but I cut it with other cheaper chalk cause I tend to chalk frequently.

  19. Chris says:

    Very cool stats about grade limits of your followers. Would love to be up there in the V7 brackets someday. Maybe in the white matangas I could jump to grades higher 😉

  20. Martin says:

    I never knew there was so much in Chalk. I use Moon Dust… which isn’t even on the chart. Maybe I should shell out on some new chalk; saying that maybe I should work on my grip strength rather than blaming my chalk.

  21. Remi Z says:

    Wonder why friction labs is #1. Now I know which chalk to get in the future instead of random MEC chalk or climbing gym chalk. Here for giveaway 😉

  22. Hayden Walker says:

    Big fan of friction lab chalk, I have used it on several occasions! However I have also found that Bison Designs Competition Chalk is a great chalk for me personally, feels like a cloud when I stick my hand in my chalk bag and covers my hands nicely. Definitely would recommend it if you are looking for a great cheap loose chalk!

  23. Cameron says:

    In my humble opinion, I’ve found that the best chalk is the cheapest yeah you could go for the ultra drying new chalk that costs $30 for a block the size of my left pinky toe, but it’s normally the exact same chemical as every other brand of chalk it’s just not worth it to me too spend that much money on something that I get super cheap.

  24. Jon says:

    I like friction labs because its more organic it doesn’t hurt my throat as much when it gets in the air. The generic cheap stuff I can feel in my throat and it makes me cough when enclosed in a gym. All those people chalking up and clapping hands gets it in the air. It becomes difficult to breathe with just analog fans pushing chalk dust around, no filters no fresh air.

  25. Cos says:

    I use ocun chalk that is very good for the cheap price but i think chalk doesnt make the climber …climber make the chalk

  26. Greg says:

    When I first started climbing I only use to use black diamond chalk but after awhile realized it was over drying my hands causing micro splits and cracking. I do use climbon every night before bed but it still wasn’t helping all that much. Eventually I switch to friction labs and let me tell you my hands haven’t been happier. Yes it’s expensive but honestly it’s worth the money. It doesn’t over dry your hands out and it does have a nice silky texture. I’ve also noticed I don’t need to chalk up as much when sport climbing which is also a plus. I’d definitely give it a try if you’re encountering the same issues. Trust me you won’t go back to anything else!

    • Ernesto Fernandez says:

      I used to buy the cheapest one and though it was the same, but now I star to use the black diamond chalk and I see the defence!! Nevertheless, price is a great factor to choose one, even more if you are a chalk addict, just like me! Awesome post!!

  27. Laura says:

    I’ve personally never used friction lab chalk, but I have heard people always talk about it. When I normally climb I use liquid chalk as a base and then add loose chalk over as needed because my palms always get really sweaty.

  28. Lily says:

    There’s a local brand here in Southern California, Joshua Tree Herbal Chalk, that does climbing chalk with lavender essential oil – the idea being that it will help calm you down in scarier moments on the rock. I love the idea of expanding what chalk can do beyond just dry your hands!

  29. Cris says:

    I a new climber( about 6 months climbing) and I’ve only used loose chalk powder, but I’m about to try liquid chalk. I actually haven’t paid attention to the brands that I’ve tried… Which I probably will do from now on.

    • BestBoulders says:

      Thanks for your comment! If you buy it via the link in this article, you can support our site as it’s an affiliate link. 🙂

  30. Lynn says:

    The brand I use isn’t even in this review haha. I have to say before this survey I never thought about which chalk is the best. I just bought the first bag of lose chalk I saw and still am using it. Maybe time to switch it up..

  31. Jack O'Sullivan says:

    Personally I use liquid chalk at the start then use Metolius chalk later on as I climb indoors, seems to work well. Helps to see all this data, will have to try some other chalk brands out.

  32. Benedikt Duhoux says:

    Wow, there seems to be a big science behind the chalk… i’ve Only used one noname type but am very happy…
    although, I heard that some chalk brands use environmentally bad substances which should not be inhaled…?
    I think it should be as sustainable as possible!

  33. Pascal says:

    Hmm tried some brands but stick to the cheaper chalk balls since I do not feel a big difference. I usually don’t have problems with way too sweaty hands but it is necessary sometimes to use it so I keep using what is available for a fair price.

  34. Rion Alverson says:

    I have palmer hyperhydrosis so I use so much chalk and I love friction labs but it’s just too expensive and I have to buy too much. I love having alternatives from this article because i seriously go through my chalk bag in one session.

  35. Aliciacargol says:

    Well, honestly I am one of those people who steal chalk from the friends she goes climbing with, so i didn’t know much about it before I read it. About liquid chalk i do know cause one of my friends has a sweat problem and thats the only one that works for him, but we usually use the ball, though sometimes is good and sometimes doesnt adhere thaaat well so i gotta check which is the good brand my friend uses and maybe start using my own chalk bag for a change hahaha

  36. Alicia says:

    Sooo i am that kind of person whose friends hate because I never bring my own chalk and just borrows from other people (opps), so i dont know much of brands cause they bring it already in their chalkbags. My favourite though is the one that comes in a ball, though you really gotta check on those because depends on the brand doesn’t adhere that well. Then i got the know the liquid one because a friend of mine has sweating problems and is the only kind that works for him.
    It was nice to see Austria though in the chart! I never see Austria in charts, actually all my family thinks i live in Australia I am pretty sure they have no idea where Austria is

  37. Sarosha says:

    This is super interesting. For me I don’t feel I climb enough/haven’t reached the difficulty of climbs where the type of chalk would affect my climbing. I prefer the chalk balls as they are relatively inexpensive and keep the chalk quite contained.

  38. Jessica says:

    As a new climber I will use anything that will help. chalk is a big one I’ve been given weight lifting chalk by accident and it’s so slippery. I knew something was off but didn’t know why until I looked at the tub. I never knew there was such a thing as liquid chalk that’s interesting what are your thoughts on it?

    • BestBoulders says:

      I really like liquid chalk as a base. It’s not suitable for longer routes when you have to chalk up and you have to watch out that your hands don’t get too dry.

  39. Amanda Vickery says:

    I typically just choose the chalk that others recommend to me when I’m running super low, and it has been friction labs in the past. I have encountered some low quality chalks before that lose all effect the second you touch a hold, so quality over quantity packed on my hands is my go to (especially since I have pretty sweaty hands when I climb).

  40. Eli Davids says:

    I was one of the 140 people who put in some input. I really agree with the charts because I use a loose friction labs chalk. But seeing the other chalks our there it makes me want to find more diversity in the chalk I’m using. I’d highly recommend friction labs chalk for people working on new projects and hard routes.

  41. Zachary Lee says:

    This is super helpful! I’ve always wondered what chalk is either the most popular or best quality

  42. Ernesto Fdez says:

    I used to buy the cheapest one and though it was the same, but now I star to use the black diamond chalk and I see the defence!! Nevertheless, price is a great factor to choose one, even more if you are a chalk addict, just like me! Awesome post!!

  43. Zachary lee says:

    This is super helpful i’m posting this again because if rigor to link my insta but this is super helpful as i’m always wanting to know more about chalk and the climbing companies in general! (@egg_zachlee)

  44. Raeiss says:

    I never really pay attention to what chalk I use, but I seems as if the type of chalk I use could improve my climbing skills- any recommendations? The friction labs chalk seems the way to go based on your surveys.

  45. Felix says:

    I’m still trying to find a liquid chalk brand that suits me. I’m trying Whiteout at the moment, but it just doesn’t stay on my hands long enough for my taste. But maybe I should try Kletterretter as you recommended. I already use their hand lotion, so why not give it a try.

  46. Ulric says:

    Never use the Frictions Labs, but with those results this chalk must be good i honnestly never really cared about which one I use, I just bought the one at the gym (flashed) pretty chunky but does the job

  47. Volodymyr K. says:

    I am using the regular chalk type,but do not know the brand. As bought it with the bag as second-hand. But since the gym where I go for the training forbids to use regular chalk, so will move to the liquid one.

  48. Renae Raymond says:

    My personal favorite is Black diamond white gold chalk! It’s always kept my hands super gritty and with this chalk my hands don’t rip as much. Very durable and good to climb wth. I also love using the liquid chalk.

  49. Moritz says:

    I think that chalk can make quite the difference in climbing. For example on hot days, chalk can be very useful and improve your performance. However I don’t think that it really matters that much if you buy a cheap bag of gym – chalk or top of the notch Friction Labs chalk, because in the end training hard makes a big difference, not the expensive equipment!

  50. Rahav sofer says:

    Started climbing a few months ago and tried some types of chalk… the most important thing I discovered was that no one should ever get his / her chalk from eBay or AliExpress ‍♂️ Worst chalk ever

  51. Jaksen says:

    Even though I read the article, so I could enter for the contest – It actually caught my attention and was super interesting! Keep the good work up!!

  52. Eileen says:

    Gosh I’ve been using Metolius loose chalk for ages, but also don’t like climbing through a big cloud of chalk…will def give friction labs a go. It’s really great to read through the comments to see why people choose their chalk. Thanks so much for this data. Great page @bestboulders

  53. Kathryn R. says:

    This makes a lot of sense! But ersonally I feel like since every person’s climbing experience is unique to them (what they like, skill level, face vs crack climbing vs bouldering) it all comes down to a personal preference. Starting out I got chalk that was reviewed the most popular but as I grow more as a climber I’m able to develop an opinion that could be different than the mainstream. Thanks for posting!!

  54. Clayton says:

    Friction Labs chalk is not that big of a shocker to me. Their selection of chalk is huge and they have their processes done so well that every bag of chalk comes out so well.

  55. Lauraakristine says:

    I don’t have much experience with brands of chalk, I haven’t given it a though before but I see I might have to start paying more attention to this

    • Juli says:

      Okay, I’m shocked popular chalk brands is a thing 😀 everyone I know just uses the chalk our bouldering gym sells. I’m going to try out different brands and I’m very exited to see, if it really makes a difference!

    • Meli says:

      I had no idea there were so many different options for chalk! To be fair, I’m still a beginner and haven’t even started using chalk much. This is so insightful! I’m super excited to try it next time I hit the gym 🙂

  56. N.Wolf says:

    In a sweaty hands range from 1 – 10, i‘m definitly a 10. My Chalk choice depends on gettin the nearest to 1, maybe someone with naturaly dry hands can‘t feel a big difference between Brands and types, but i can tell you there is! Second priority for me is the price/amount relation.

  57. Laura says:

    I don’t have much experience with brands of chalk, I haven’t given it a though before but I see I might have to start paying more attention to this

  58. Matze says:

    I get a big bag of chalk thats used in Industrie from a friend, it is very fine, but also very cheap

  59. Autumn says:

    Thank you so much for making this article. I just recently stated climbing but I am absolutely obsessed. I have been trying to figure out what chalk to buy so this was very helpful.

  60. John savage says:

    I’ve never really thought about trying a different kind of chalk because I previously thought they would all be the same. I also sometimes use secret stuff which you should totally check out

  61. Beigegawd says:

    I’ve just started climbing in the gym and use black diamond. Eventhough I grew up in Sacramento, I didn’t start climbing until earlier this year in Berlin. I’ve tried the chalk balls but was gettin enough coverage so now I use loose chunks mixed with some white gold and it’s helped a lot . Thanks for the info
    – @beigegawd

  62. Jonathan Shorter says:

    I’ve only ever used Black Diamond’s White Gold, so I think I definitely should look into Pure Gold & possibly Friction Labs.

    The climbing gym I go to has community chalk bowls & bags. The catch is that they use gymnastics chalk blocks. So, I’ve almost gotten used to gymnastics chalk.
    There’s something else for you to try if you want some cheap stuff.

  63. instagram.com/normalcontactforce says:

    as a beginner ive never really gave much thought to chalk as being able to improve my performance but after reading this article i might try some of the different brands and types to see which fits me best 🙂

  64. instagram.com/normalcontactforce says:

    as a beginner ive never really gave much thought that chalk will be able to enhance my learning and performance but after reading this i might try some of the different brands and types to see which fits me best 🙂

  65. instagram.com/normalcontactforce says:

    as a beginner its heartening to see many people in the bouldering community readiky sharing their ideas and experiences to help others like myself. honestly i never really gave much thought that chalk will be able to enhance my learning and performance but after reading this i might try some of the different brands and types to see which can help me get better. 🙂

  66. Omar Heuves says:

    I personally don’t really care from which brand my chalk is. I use powder chalk, like most, and I just hate it when it all consists out of little chalk bloks. As long as that doesn’t happen it’s fine by me. Don’t be too picky, the chalk doesn’t make the climber climb great, the climber does 😉

  67. Max Kelly says:

    I completely agree with friction labs being great and I do prefer the fine powders to larger clumps. However, I’ve been using Moon Dust by Moon Climbing and it’s doing the job well. Also, it’s 300g for £5 which sweetens the deal.

  68. AJ Hastings says:

    When training or bouldering I like to use loose chalk but anything with the chalk bag attached to me I use a chalk ball so it doesn’t spill or puff out a big cloud of chalk if I fall on a crash pad.

    • Amaris says:

      While prefering sock chalk myself, liquid chalk does make an excellent base coat i’ve discovered! I do however really wish there was more research on how chalk affects the environment long term and would love for companies to look into an eco friendly chalk to minimize our crag impact!

  69. Nathanael says:

    I just use whatever is cheapest at the time as I am not at the skill level where the type of chalk affects me yet. If I suck, I suck and chalk ain’t gonna change that! 🙂

  70. Ros Beveridge says:

    Having climbed for a while now, I never thought chalk mattered that much but I found a real difference when using Friction Labs. I find I don’t use anywhere near as much as any other brand I have tried so it lasts much longer. I also find that it doesn’t make my skin too dry (sounds weird but it is a real problem!). It’s interesting to see how popular it has become considering the cost of it!

  71. Nathan says:

    Have used friction labs on and off, but I mostly use Frank Endo off Amazon. Good bang for buck, between $14-18 for 1 lb (eight 2 oz blocks). Works well enough for my grade level (V5-6). I like crushing it into fine powder with some medium-large chunks, and also have a chalk sock in my bag. If I’m feeling cheeky, I’ll use a block to make DIY liquid chalk.

  72. Rex says:

    Personally I love friction labs. I’ve purchased some bison chalk however when I got a free sample of friction labs I instantaneously fell in love with it. I find that I chalk up much less.

  73. Henry says:

    La magnitud del sentirte libre es lo hermoso, hacer lo que te gusta es otro nivel, disfrutarlo cada segundo como si fuera el ultimo, la mejor experiencia…

  74. Amaris says:

    While prefering sock chalk myself, liquid chalk does make an excellent base coat i’ve discovered! I do however really wish there was more research on how chalk affects the environment long term and would love for companies to look into an eco friendly chalk to minimize our crag impact!

    • BestBoulders says:

      See Wikipedia: Some liquid-chalk mixtures for climbing are made with magnesium carbonate, colophony, and ethanol or an alcohol that dissolves the colophony and quickly evaporates from the solution (as isopropyl alcohol or ethanol).[6] Sometimes, resin or rosin is added to increase gripping properties[7] or an additive for aroma is included because of the bad smell of spirit.

  75. anthonypetra.is says:

    I used to never use chalk, but when I started to, there was no going back. These statistics give me a good idea of what hot in market and some brands that I have never heard of that might be worth a try so thank you!

  76. Natalie says:

    Liquid chalk is healthier than inhaling loose chalk, but is so expensive and needs to be applied to much more. I guess if it was cheap, I wouldn’t mind having to reapply but it’s not worth it at the moment. The Secret Stuff by FrictionLabs is a good liquid chalk!

  77. Preston Lloyd Oakes says:

    I really would expect this study to have ended up with results as varied as they were. It would be interesting if there was an apparatus built to test the moisture absorption levels of different chalks. Regardless it seems like I need to start trying out some different kinds of chalks!

  78. Kalee Richardson says:

    I’ve never used friction labs…honestly, mostly for the fact that they’re the common front runner in the chalk world. I personally like black diamond’s white gold. Other than the punny name, I really appreciate the texture of it. Not too fine that it feels like baby powder, but not too coarse either. I’ve used several other brands carried by big names like REI, but I always come back to black diamond. And even though there are few other things I’d endorse them on within the climbing world, I do love their chalk

  79. Jackson_k_moo says:

    Honestly most chalks are the same to me, and none of them are that much better. It wouldn’t mean the difference between sending the climb and not for me based on my chalk. A good enough climber should be able to manage with any chalk

  80. Tom Seng says:

    I don’t really care about the chalk I use, since it’s just a small window of my performance. As long as it keeps my fingers and palm dry I’m good to go :).

  81. Kevin Pham says:

    I never really paid much attention to different brands of chalk, but I currently live in a pretty hot/humid country so I find that I burn through chalk pretty quickly. I’m curious how some other brands would hold up or how much longer they’d last me before having to buy another bag. I’ll have to give Black Diamond and Tokyo Powder a shot!

    Thanks for the article!

  82. Jolyn says:

    I never thought about brands when I purchase chalk but def the type. Prefer loose chalk over chalk balls. Liquid chalk is great too but expensive! Hopefully there will be newer and more affordable options in future!

  83. Liam davies says:

    I never really had an issue with metolius until I started getting better now I find it just makes my hands white and doesn’t help with grip
    Will be trying one of the top 3 next thanks for the good read

  84. Dillon says:

    I never thought I’d be a snob about the chalk I use. I used to just go for the cheap stuff, then I gave friction labs a try and never went back. I chalk up way less! You really just have to keep trying things out until you find what you like. Great survey and article, keep them coming!

  85. Parker says:

    I wish there was some kind of chalk sampler. For new climbers it’s kind of expensive to spend 10-15$ on each different chalk type which can limit what people try.

  86. lara s says:

    Super interesting diagrams! Directly participated in the survey haha
    Why don’t use more climbers liquid chalk? I find it by far the best!
    I have to admit that I never heard of friction lab before but I will definetely check it out! 🙂

  87. Andrew says:

    Frictionlabs is what I use most often now just because it’s the most available at my gym. I started with metolious way back in the day and I was able to get my hands on some recently. It was a crazy nostalgic feeling in my hands that I missed. With most things, I feel the first name brand stuff you use will be the best in your mind

  88. Brian N. says:

    My vote was for tokyo powder! I love the fine feel and performance of it. The first time you dip your hands into the bucket of the feels like a cloud. I call it cocaine chalk hah My main point of consideration going away from frictionlabs was due to the loose chalk clumping up. It’s my fault for leaving it in the car, but I’ve had no problem with tokyo powder. It’s as fine as the first day I bought it. I’ve turned 8-10 of my friends to use tokyo powder and they’re all satisfied. Over the past 2 years I’ve bought maybe 8-10 bags for myself and friends as gifts. I’m interested in other brands (alchemy is one), but itll be hard to pull away from it. Tokyo powder has become my “trade mark” so to speak at my gym since I speak so highly of it.


  89. Clare Schmelzenbach says:

    I’ve used Friction Labs or Black Diamond pretty much since I started climbing and I LOVE Friction Labs. It’s my first choice chalk at the moment. Recently my friend filled my chalk bag with some of her Petzl chalk and I knew the difference right away. I’m gonna stick it out and finish up what’s left of the Petzl chalk in my bag, but I will be switching back over as soon as I can!!! And I will be giving my friend some of my chalk as well!

  90. Clare Schmelzenbach says:

    I’ve used Friction Labs or Black Diamond pretty much since I started climbing and I LOVE Friction Labs. It’s my first choice chalk at the moment. Recently my friend filled my chalk bag with some of her Petzl chalk and I knew the difference right away. I’m gonna stick it out and finish up what’s left of the Petzl in my bag, but I will be switching back over as soon as I can!!! And I will be giving my friend some of my chalk as well!

  91. Ray ray says:

    I’ve just started climbing 5 months ago and am starting to realise the importance of good kit (and of course technique) to improve the climbing experience! I have started to Black Diamond’s chalk which is slightly softer than the standard chalk balls in my opinion. The composition of liquid chalk (I.e., alcohol) dries my skin very quickly but causes it to peel too. Perhaps you can share the scientific / practical difference of different chalk compositions? 🙂

  92. Quinn monagan says:

    Personally when I climb I used whatever type of chalk was most affordable but seeing people really have a preference it becomes apparent i better start choosing my chalk now carefully if I want to keep progressing

  93. Stephanie says:

    Using chalk when climbing makes a huge difference.

    I haven’t used those brands but the first chalk I bought was the Gear Monkey block type and I decided to crushed 1/3rd of the block and put it stockings.

    During my last gym sess, I learned that chalks expire lol

    The chalk I transferred to the stocking wasn’t sticking to my hands and wasn’t helping me much.

    Although when I checked the block at home it was good as new!


  94. Zyadikus says:

    Rock climbing in Indonesia began rather popular after the 2018 ASEAN GAMES. but still less popular than football and badminton. So for the chalk and other tools have yet to be noted. Even still many who use Magnesium Carbonat (MgCO3) from the chemical. Especially the beginners.

  95. Mimi says:

    I’ve always used black diamond chalk, with a chalkball. It’s been great and now I have an obsession with chalk. I recommend it to my friend and she loves it to. She says it stays on longer especially with her sweaty hands.

  96. Liselle Alcorn says:

    I usually use Friction labs in Unicorn dust, but I’ve been loving bison chalk too!!

  97. Kristina G says:

    I have the cheap sock you buy at the gym but after trying a friend’s friction labs I was totally blown away by the difference. Mine had minimal grip and my hands felt sweaty and greasy after the first couple grips – the friction labs was gritty and had much longer staying power. A lot of the time I’m not chalking up until halfway into my climb session because I don’t generally have sweaty hands but using chalk makes them activate to combat the dryness.

    I would love to see more about the chemical reactions and see some info about the effects of the different chalks!

  98. Elise Piper says:

    There’s a ‘new’ brand that all my friends have started using back home in Canada I’d quite like to try. Sattva? I think it’s called. Has anyone tried it?

  99. Fabio says:

    Really nice to see a chalk ranking. I didnt cared much about chalk, so i havent tried many yet. But i bought whiteout in my local boulder gym and i can unterstand why it is only rank 4 :). Looking forward to try the most popular, thanks keep it up.

  100. Fernando says:

    Wow. Very interesting. Too bad I’m allergic to chalk. But I’m getting used to climb without it. I’ve come to realise it’s an overrated tool, but still very useful.

  101. Stephanie says:

    Coming from Singapore but living in the UK, I’m really surprised it made the list! And I appreciate the recommendations for the type of chalk to use as that was one of the issues I faced when buying my first bag of chalk (liquid or loose? I really couldn’t decide!). Interesting content here

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