In this survey, I asked for your preferences on crashpads for bouldering outside on my instagram channel @bestboulders. With about 117 participants from 16 different countries this survey was quite a bit less popular than the survey about the most popular bouldering shoes with 524 participants or the one about the most popular climbing chalk with 140 participants.

While Crashpads are really essential for bouldering outdoors, the survey shows, that a lot of people don’t even own a crashpad or rely on others to bring theirs to the crag. If you think about getting one yourself this article might be helpful.

‘Top 5’ Crashpads for Bouldering Outdoors

This is already pretty interesting as the pie chart doesn’t show a clear leader like in the other surveys.

Most popular crashpads for bouldering oie chart

  1. Organic Climbing – 18,8%
  2. Black Diamond – 17,9%
  3. Ocun – 14,3%
  4. Metolius – 12,5%
  5. Mad Rock – 9,8%
  6. Others – 26,8%

The first two ranks are a pretty close call between Organic Climbing and Black Diamond.
For the Organic pads, the Full Pad was the most popular one while for Black Diamond owners, the Drop Zone is the prefered crashpad for bouldering outside.

Organic Climbing Full Pad Crashpad for bouldering
Organic Climbing – Full Pad
Black Diamond – Drop Zone

I found it kind of funny that the design of those most popular crashpads actually looks really similar regarding the colors and the diagonal pattern! 😀

In the middle, on Top 3 and 4 we have Ocun and Metolius also pretty close together.
Sharing the same popularity for Ocun we have the Dominator and the Moonwalk as the most prefered crashpads.
For Metolius emthusiasts, the Session II seems to be the one to go.

On Top 5 we have Mad Rock with the classic Mad Pad as the most named crashpad for that brand.

Always use crashpads when bouldering outdoors!

The survey question ‘Do you always use crashpads when bouldering outdoors?’ was pretty obvious for me, but I was still a bit surprised.

Do you always use crashpads when bouldering outdoors? pie chart
Do you always use crashpads when bouldering outdoors?

There seem to be a few people who don’t use crashpads when bouldering outdoors and I really can’t stress this enough: Always use a crashpad as injuries can happen so fast, especially on uneven ground!
You don’t want to end up without a crashpad in situations like this:

But also don’t forget the spotter – That’s also really important as you can see here:

One crashpad for bouldering is not enough

Clearly, a lot of people don’t even own a crashpad but for those who do, I found it interesting to find out how many crashpads they actually have.

How many boudlering crashpads do you own?
How many crashpads do you own?

With nearly 60% the majority owns just one crashpad but that also means that 40% or 4 out of 10 people who have a crashpad own at least 2 or more.

4,5% even have more than 5 crashpads – Their friends must really like them! 😀

Do you know you can rent crashpads for bouldering?

In a lot of shops or places near great bouldering areas you can actually rent crashpads and save that space in your car and that big money in your pocket in case you only make a few trips per year.

If you are planning on going on a few more trips though, it really makes sense to own a crashpad yourself – not just because your climbing friends will like you even more then. 🙂

What about you? Do you own a crashpad or do you still rely on your friends?
Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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This is an ongoing survey and this article will be updated once more entries are submitted. Please take a minute and fill out the form to participate.

Last Update: April 2019

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327 thoughts on “Most Popular Crashpads for Bouldering Outside 2019

    • Lynn says:

      These blogs are great! Love to see all the data especially because you guys have a good following base so I know this data comes close to the truth. Keep it going!

    • Lya says:

      I don’t own a crashpad but since I am starting to climb outside really soon, I will definitely get one! This article will help me choose;))

    • Leah Anderson says:

      I use a Psychi pad because it was affordable and for the price, isn’t that bad. If I get another one though, it will definitely be an Organic Climbing one.

        • Anastasia says:

          Organic climbing pads are expensive but they must be worth it. I have a black diamond one, but one day, I’d love to get an organic one. Any thoughts on the organic pads?

      • Evan Courtis says:

        Organic makes super high quality pads that look great, but I’ve found myself always looking to BD for the price to performance ratio that I want from my gear

        • FLYnn says:

          So many colours to choose from it’s overwhealming!! 🙂 people sure do stand out in the best way when crushing projects at the boulders!

        • Maren says:

          I have an Ocun Crashpad but now that one is not enough, we always borrow crashpads from friends or sometimes rent them when we need them. But it would be super cool to have a second one! I think the Organic Climping pads look pretty amazing, maybe it’s worth looking out for one of those!

  1. Sam Glover says:

    I found that metoilius seems to be the best bang for your buck! They have good sales on a regular basis

  2. Joshua Benton says:

    Totally believe that Organic has the number #1spot! All of their stuff is awesome! @bestboulders brought me here!

    • Zack Podschweit says:

      Organic has the best pads no doubt but they are significantly more expensive than the rest. I’ve had a few Mad Rock mats for 5 years taken hundreds of falls and they’re still kicking and the price is unbeatable. @zack_podschweit

    • Fesser Bell says:

      Worse than that honestly. Even small falls can have really catastrophic consequences for your knees. A pad doesn’t remove all of that risk (I have friends who can certainly testify to that) but it’s absolutely necessary to mitigate that risk as much as possible.

  3. Anthony White says:

    Great tips! Appreciate you guys keeping my fellow climbers safe out here! Organic Climbing makes amazing colorful and artsy stuff! Love their gear!

  4. Markus says:

    Ich think you need more than one chrashpad for the most boulders and I dont understand the people who climb without.

  5. Preston says:

    When I first started to boulder outdoors I didn’t own a crash pad, so I’d limit my climbing risks/height. I still only own one crash pad (metolius), but another would be great due to climbs often requiring multiple pads to cover the route & crux.

  6. Anna Giacoma says:

    This article was very informative. I did not know you could rent a crashpad, although in the long run a climber might want their own crashpad. Bestboulders did a great job with the surveys and charts!

  7. Lacey B says:

    Good info to know! I haven’t bought my own yet, but it’s one of the many “next” climbing purchases on my wish list!

  8. Clemens says:

    This article is soo interesting . Yes one crashpad is most of the time not enough, but their just pretty expensive and if you move it it mostly works out. Thanks for the article keep writing more. I always enjoy them… And about the styling of crashpads… Your right there are maybe 5 or more common style optics and accually their all the same. I wish u a great day and thanks for the article even if you guys had problems by finding enough volunteers

  9. Faren Rajkumar says:

    Your content is always so inspiring and keeps a beginner climber like me motivated to try harder and travel more. Thanks for what you do! Keep it up.

    And thanks for the intro to Organic Climbing! I’m in need of new gear, I’ll definitely be using them!

  10. Sebastian says:

    I don’t have my own crash pad yet, but my organic chalk bucket is awesome. A matching crash pad is a absolute dream…

    • Lew proffitt says:

      Organic pads are so big you can get away with just the one! I think this is US based as I see LOADS of moon and snap pads around the peak District @lewclimbs

  11. Grady Millick says:

    Organic is the way to go! They put their heart and soul into their equipment making it last forever!

  12. Stefano Maresti says:

    This is a well done article. Im a beginner and information like these is all i need to avoid stupid choices and better enjoy climbing trips. Cheers


  13. Katrina Trew says:

    I never would have thought that shops would hire out bouldering mats, it’s something that I will look into when next going climbing, as taking a fall rack for a multi pitch day and finding you only have a short time to climb due to weather means often, we wouldn’t climb. Also having 4 trad climbers with rack ropes and tents means there isn’t room for mats too. Great tip

  14. Daniel says:

    I’ve used several crashpads while bouldering outdoors, but i don’t really have a preference in which to use. I choose based on how comfortable they are for transportation.

  15. Richard L says:

    I currently have a Mad Rock Mad Pad and many of my friends do as well! We love how we’re able to link the pads together with the velcro tabs on the sides so that no gaps between pads form; this makes for a much safer fall! Been looking to upgrade to an Organic pad though, so thanks for the giveaway!

  16. Craig says:

    I’m guessing some people who climb longer routes would use more than one crash pad for their route, especially over hangy routes.

  17. Chris monkhouse says:

    I would love a crash pad so I can start bouldering outside as it’s getting closer to summer.

  18. Pau Cuatrecases says:

    Getting an Organic crashpad would be amazing for me! I’ve never had a crashpad and I’d love to have one of those to get my own one! Those crashpads have such a fantastic design!!

  19. Emily says:

    Great tip to look for rentals! Never thought of that before and sometimes want more than just one.

  20. Emily says:

    The organic crash pad have such great colors! Would love to have a crash pad so I can go outdoors more. Definitely a must have

  21. Lautaro says:

    I always try to have at least 3 crashpads but i would say that the spotter is way more important than the number of crashpads that you have

  22. Jess says:

    I also know a few mates who prefer lead outdoors who don’t bother to own a crash pad for the few times they boulder which always scares me. Spotters can’t support all of you!

  23. Cheyenne palazzari says:

    I’ve relied on my friends pads for a long time now, but recently used my rei dividend to get an organic pad. Some, well most climbs here in Colorado require more than one pad but for now I’m glad I got one finally!

  24. Toby says:

    Awesome info really helpful, wasn’t too sure on pads and had some questions which were all answered in the article.

  25. Grace says:

    I love the Organic Climbing pads! They are really great quality and have so many fun color options! This artical was very informative and I love getting to learn more and more about climbing, especially from lots of other climbers!!

  26. anthonypetra.is says:

    I really need an organic crashpad…When I go outdoors, I dont want to have to rely on my friend’s crash pads.
    I would like one in pink or blue if possible.

  27. srishti says:

    goddamit if i dont love a good organic climbing pad. would rent one again if i had the money!

  28. Darren B says:

    As someone who is just starting to go outdoor bouldering its great to have articles like this to help make decisions about equipment. @darrenblair97

  29. Thijs Bertram says:

    All these brands look really nice, but nothing tops that slick design of organicclimbing! We always need to rent some from our local climbing gym, which is fine but god would i love a private pad.

  30. Rosa says:

    I can’t wait to be able to climb outside again! Even though we don’t have the best weather where I live it’s still so nice to get out from the gym for a change 😀 (and it would be great to own my own crashpads instead of having to borrow every time! )

  31. Stacey smith says:

    Instagram link @Stacey.smith1990 we don’t actually own any crash mats, I’ve been eyeing up the Organic ones but we currently borrow our friends Psychi and Blackdiamond mats. Ideally we need our own but for now at least we’re protected.

  32. Brian m nguyen says:

    I’ve only been outdoor bouldering few times, but I’m loving my mad rock crash pad a lot! Recently found out other mad rock crash pads effectively velcro together!

  33. Jake Monaghan says:

    I’m just looking to get into climbing and getting one of these pads would be perfect for the limited bouldering options in the state of Connecticut

  34. Sebastian T Clark says:

    Crashpads and spotters saved my life once! The sport we were bouldering in was in like a tight corner, meaning if I fell, I’d end up hitting my head on the wall behind me. Love to get me a new crashpad!!

  35. Stacey says:

    Me and the husband will get our own mats one day but for now we will continue to borrow our friends mats, and our friends along with them because it’s always nice to climb in our little group.

  36. Michael says:

    I have the drop zone and I love it! Super good carrying system and I prefer the taco fold to the hinge

  37. Frederic says:

    Its actually a funny thing to read .. never really thought about this. But man it is impressive to read! Looking for more to come

  38. Talia says:

    Having more than one crash pad is definitely beneficial. Organic’s color options just make bouldering THAT much more fun.

  39. Talisa says:

    this is awesome! I’m in dire need of pads to get more active with my bouldering !!! Gotta love that climbing life #climbing #giveaway #bouldering

  40. Jenny cropley says:

    I don’t own or know anyone that owns a crash pad yet. My friends and I are all fairly new to climbing and we are all super keen to get outside once it gets warm but seems difficult without having the right equipment. Really useful info that you can rent!! Might look into that in the coming months @jennycropley

  41. Axel says:

    Nice tips, I don’t have any crashpad and usually come hiking or running to bouldering sites so I borrow them here and there !

  42. Laura says:

    Want to try the organic crashpad! I Would totally Trust Those pads knowing they put their heart and soul into their products and into my Safety.
    Trank you @bestboulders for recommending 🙂

  43. Saar says:

    Definetly enjoy reading your articles, keep it up!
    Kinda surprising some people go bouldering without crashpads tbh.. That’s just waiting to get seriously injured.

  44. Lisa says:

    It‘s me @lil.bab (on Insta)
    Really like this page and it would be so nice to get a crashpad @organicclimbing

  45. Liam says:

    Bewteeen my five boulder friends we have only one crash pad, and while it’s a trifold, it definitely does not cover enough area so we rely on others at the crag. We are all students, so saving money is hard but we all want an organic crash pad.

  46. Kristyn Kertesz says:

    Climbing has been part of her life since I found her on top of the fridge at two years old I’d appreciate it so much if she had a crash pad‍♀️ Thank you

  47. Liam says:

    I just recently understood how important multiple crash pads really are after a super sketchy highball. An organic crash pad would definitely be a welcome addition to my friends combined 1 crashpad.

  48. Carlos says:

    The best option is always to have more than one crashpad (and a good spotter of course). And I don’t have any of them so I would need one

  49. coltyarm says:

    All of my climbing friends only own 1, so when we go out we’re covered. I think we prettt much each have a different brand as well.

  50. Zev Heuer says:

    I’ve been bouldering outside by myself for a while, always just doing low traverses feet down. It’s super fun, better than the gym still, in my opinion. It is also very limiting, but with crash pads being so expensive I’ve held off. Thanks for the article!

  51. Jude says:

    I’m one of those who doesn’t own a crash pad, and it keeps me from ever bouldering outdoors– it’s a real bummer! The gym is great but it just can’t compare

  52. Jantzen says:

    Pretty solid read! I dont have much experience with outdoor climbing, but after a couple of sessions and friend equipment, Organic has been recommended.

    Instagram: @jaychu12

  53. Jantzen says:

    Pretty solid read! I dont have much experience with outdoor climbing, but after a couple of sessions and friend equipment, Organic has been recommended!

  54. Eric says:

    Def need more than one. Just getting into outdoor bouldering and would love the opportunity to win an organic crashpad thanks @bestboulders !

  55. Josh fischer says:

    Organic climbing is my go to for anything climbing related except shoes. I love how all the scrap material from there crash pads go into making chalk bags and a variety of different iteams, making each one unique.

  56. @markcarroll_climb says:

    I really love the spanish brand mushroom pads ny friend has but havent gotten around to buying one since my pad is still good for a year despite the holes haha.
    Would love the organic pad and see what its all about.

  57. Sam Yeu says:

    I think in general the dominator is a good pad for high balls definitely not lowballs too hard, the petzl pads are a tad too soft for high balls but perfect for low balls, in overall organic pads are my favourite for all round use ✌

  58. Adam says:

    Organic has easily taken over the game. Definitely the best quality, coolest designs, with great pricing.

  59. Tyler says:

    I absolutely agree with using as many pads a possible while bouldering. I’ve taken some unexpected falls where having more than one pad has saved me some broken bones. Should always try and boulder with a friend to spot for you as well!

  60. Wells says:

    honestly, this article was great because it is very professional, and also helped bring knowledgeable input on crash pads, which is great as i just started climbing in January of this year and am just about a solid V4 climber. I will definitely be needing pads as i get outside more

  61. Levi Langdon says:

    Organic climbing will always be one of the greats. Keep making fantastic products! You guys really make climbing a better experience.

  62. Angel Ho says:

    Just starting to boulder outdoors, this article was super useful!! Would love to get an organic crash pad #giveaway

  63. Alex says:

    Any thought on doing survey of what retailers people buy their crash pads from excluding straight from vendor?

    • BestBoulders says:

      Not sure what you mean exactly… 😉 It seems like a pretty complex subject if you look at it internationally. 😉

  64. Daisy says:

    Hands down organic makes the best crash pads! and their colors are actually amazing!!!!!

  65. Bertha S. Polly says:

    Organic crash pads are hands down the actual best. I have one and it is way better than my other brand pads!!

  66. Bertha S. Polly says:

    Organic crash pads are super great. They are rlly good quality and not to mention the colors are so cool

  67. Ayrie says:

    AHHHHH these crash pads are soooo good! And this article is AMAZING! I really would love to win a crash pad so I can outdoor climb more!


  68. Joshua Ko says:

    Out of all the brands, I definitely like Organic Climbing the most because it’s lightweight and easy to carry around. Makes the approach more manageable and saves me the energy I need to get the sends.

  69. Yvonne says:

    Interesting to know about others’ preferences! I don’t currently own a crashpad but really want to get one so I can boulder outdoors more often!

  70. Greg Hewitt says:

    Great recommendations for those looking to get their first, second or fifth crash pad!

  71. Mitch Gordon says:

    Organic hands down has some of the best quality products in the climbing industry. Not surprised their crash pads are the most commonly used.

  72. Kales says:

    I work at REI and I love ever opportunity I get to talk to climber’s about their gear! Among many of my other favorites, organic climbing crash pads are one of my faves. Sometimes I even design different color combinations on their website just for the fun of it…call me a nerd haha.

  73. David Elias says:

    Boy I’d put a whole lot of use into a full pad by organic. Really need the extra surface area for my sketchy projects!

  74. Tim Ganahl says:

    My friends and I currently don’t have a crash pad, but have actually been looking for one. Then saw this cool giveaway, would be awesome to get!

  75. Amelia Heppe says:

    All of my friends own either the organic crash pad or the black diamond one, but i really love the aesthetic and personalization of the organic crash pads… would love to buy one… but they are so expensive!

  76. Josh says:

    Gotta love the unique designs the organic gives you in all of their products whether it be crash pad or chalk bags/buckets

  77. Tobi says:

    The organic crash pads are just well made products and you can rely on them. I don’t own one myself but I would really love to have one, to ge able to go bouldering on my own.

  78. Marsaux says:

    The organic crash pad is the best crash pad i have never Seen.
    Ans all organic’s equipment!

  79. Olivia Merckens says:

    I own a ocun Crashpad, which I really like. Because I only have one, I do rely on my friends to bring some more when bouldering outside. Thank you for sharing!

  80. Luis Ruschmeyer says:

    I’ve been searching for crashpads for a while now and this article helped me very much.
    Thank you

  81. August says:

    Wow I’m looking to buy a crash pad (cause I really need one) and this survey was really helpful. Thank you so much bestboulders!

  82. Arne Bronk says:

    Yeah, I pretty much rely on my friends to bring some crash pads… But of course I help them carry the pads to the boulders… But it’s great to see that organic climbing is one of the favorite brands, love that company…

  83. Dan says:

    I like the metolius pads but I’ve been dying to try one of the full pads from organic. Not dying to take falls but I’ll punt one for the team

  84. Lior says:

    I don’t currently own a crashpad but this survey will tell me alot about which one to buy

  85. Emily morris says:

    I love these giveaways! I have been saving up for an organic crash mat for ages!!

  86. Christin says:

    I try to consume as much local stuff as possible but with the organic crash pads I need to make an exception. The colours are so powerful and beautiful. They would motivate me so much on the rock. Love it.

  87. Adam Bishop says:

    The organic climbing crash pad sounds perfect for bouldering down here in Puerto Rico!

  88. Chasity Choran says:

    I rented Organic pads when I went to JTree! Left with plenty of sense and free of injury. 🙂

  89. Chasity Choran says:

    Thank you Best Boulders for this insightful article! I own a Metolius and it has treated me well. I used Organic on my trip to JTree and I left with sends and free of injury 🙂

  90. Gabriele says:

    I would like to have a second chrashpad, because one is not enough to do some projects. I think that organic climbing are the best

  91. Chris says:

    Great info gathered here! I know nobody owning more than 1 pad, gotta be at least two guys to climb outdoors so you always got 2 pads min… 😀 and thats enough for our easy routes…

  92. Caroline van Rijckevorsel says:

    This is really helpful! I’ve just started to look/search for a suitable crashpad so that I can finally start bouldering outdoors.

  93. Nathanael says:

    I find these stats and informatics very very interesting. You should do one on favourite climber! Think that will be quite interesting 🙂

  94. Martin says:

    I’ve read and heard so much about getting a variety of climbing experience early on in climbing; be it indoor gym, bouldering outside, and sport climbing. I found out recently how key saftey gear is – the indoor floor is alright for controlled falls, but when I go outside I’m going to need to invest in some crashpads… or like the Bishop Burger Barn Gram – soft friends.

  95. S. R. says:

    Crash pads are basic safety! As I don’t own one myself yet, I either rent or use a friend’s but never without a pad!

    Also the numbers surprised me, as in Fontainebleau it seems to me that everyone owns the same pads : the Ocun Moonwalk.

    The organic climbing one looks so damn neat though!

  96. Darcy S says:

    I found that crazy how some people don’t use crash-pads consistently! I’ve only done it once because I found a really good outside boulder on a hike but I don’t own a crash pad. Luckily I flashed it lol.

  97. Darcy S says:

    I found that crazy how some people don’t use crash-pads consistently! I’ve only done it once because I found a really good outside boulder on a hike but I don’t own a crash pad. Luckily I flashed it haha!

  98. Darcy S says:

    I actually found it very surprising that Mad Rock’s cheaper style of crash pads didn’t get more popularity. I’ve used their shoes (The Sharks 2), and they’re actually quality.

  99. Kevin S says:

    I climbed without a crash pad for a few years. Finally gave in and got a Metolius recon last year. Go big or go home I guess!

  100. Sarah says:

    Thanks for this interesting blogpost! Never knew that its possible to rent a crashpad Always wanted to try outdoor bouldering, but dont have the possibility to buy my own crashpad (with good quality). Also I am pretty shook, that there are people bouldering without crashpads so dangerous!!!

  101. Dylan says:

    Thank you for the write up! Exactly what I was looking for. Organic’s pads look tuff and beautiful 🙂
    Insta: @lecigarevolant

  102. Evan Courtis says:

    I currently borrow a pad from a club at my school but am about to graduate from, as for gear, I’ve always looked to BD for the quality to cost ratio however those organic pads just look so freaking good!

  103. Ronni says:

    I really like the article. I always boulder together with my roommate and we each bought one Crashpad to get started.

  104. Xavier Horvath says:

    I work at rec out let and have had the glorious opportunity to demo the mondo crash pad and I love it.

  105. Ellice Gao says:

    I really hope to get outdoors to boulder for my first time, so knowing I can rent crashpads and which ones are the best is really helpful!! Thanks so much.

  106. Ellice gao says:

    Would absolutely love a crash pad, but its so expensive and college is even more expensive. Glad that you included rentals are a thing! Thanks for all the info!

  107. Kara McKay says:

    Finding a lot of helpful information! Just found the one about climbing shoes as well which is nice because in 1 month I will be buying my first ever pair when I move back to Austin! I can’t wait and thank you 🙂

  108. Bruno Chang (@brunochang95) says:

    I don’t own a crashpad, everytime i go climbing outdoors i depend on my friends or i just rent one… Need urgently one, so my sessions will be more safe hahaha

  109. Marvin Fab says:

    I’m surprised the MADROCKS scored lower than the Metolious Pads. In my experience I think Mad Rocks hold up longer. @hey.marvinray

  110. Tobias Friedrich says:

    I really like the different aspects you highlight in this article and that you do not just go into the technical aspects. I really like the organic crashpads, they are jst so well rounded products.

  111. Daniel Woodward says:

    Organic big pads are the comfiest but the trifold metolius magnum is the easiest for storage and usage in some cars, they’re both amazingggg

  112. Claire D says:

    I’m lucky enough to work at a gear shop that lets me rent pads for cheap. I’m still saving for my own crash pad (being in college is tight, y’know) I definitely would go for the Organic brand – not because it’s of higher quality than its competitors, but offers that extra “pop” in their design and use of bright colors. Climbing is fun. Your gear should be too.

  113. Maria says:

    This article is very helpful and eye opening! I know now more than ever that a crash pad is essential. Thank you!!!
    Ig: maria.chilcote

  114. Zach Rich says:

    Have a big west coast climbing trip coming up soon and don’t currently have a pad so this would come in handy

  115. Eli Davids says:

    I really enjoy bouldering and have been needing to get a boulder pad. This article can help me make an informed decision. I’ve been looking at a lot and winning one would be awesome!

  116. Jordan says:

    Great article! Never realized you could rent crash pads. Might have to try it sometime! @pledgerer

  117. Tim R says:

    A timely article, I am making my first voyage out of the climbing gym onto real rocks in the next few weeks. And have just started looking into what Boulder crash pad to use. Thanks for the article on this, good luck everyone.

  118. Cody says:

    I dont currently have a pad but Organic Climbing has a great selection! Hoping to snag one someday!

  119. Duncan G says:

    Super interesting and very useful info! Awesome to see that people enjoy organic climbing equipment. Winning one would be incredible, and would help me to go to the mountains and do some outdoor bouldering!
    Ig: duncangregson

  120. Jovany cuesta says:

    I don’t have a crash pad yet, once I save up enough ill definitely be getting a Organic simple or full pad. Till then I’ll have to rely on my friends or stay inside.

  121. Maxwell says:

    I wish crashpads were a less expensive investment. That being said, shouldn’t boulder without one. @maxwellpedersen

  122. Christopher says:

    One crashpad for bouldering is not enough I’m from Germany and I also use a Crashpad for ropeclimbing to the first Exe.

  123. Anastasia says:

    Thankful for great content like this. I have a Black Diamond crash pad but just like everyone, would like to own an organic one. Just couldn’t afford it…or else I’d try it instead of the black diamond.

  124. Sean says:

    I’ve been using the same Metoulis crash pad since 2010. It was the top of the line at the time and is still going strong no matter how worn. It has deep sentimental value at this point. Anyone’s free to fall on it though, just so long as I’m there. It’s no loaner for sure.

  125. Tim Loewen says:

    Interesting article, would love to know the price difference in comparison to quality and popularity! Also a good crash pad is great but definitely need a good spotter as well!

    • Tim Loewen says:

      Interesting article! Woild love to know the price difference in comparison with quality and popularity! Also a good crash pad is great but also need a God spotter!

  126. Maren says:

    I have an Ocun Crashpad but now that one is not enough, we always borrow crashpads from friends or sometimes rent them when we need them. But it would be super cool to have a second one! I think the Organic Climping pads look pretty amazing, maybe it’s worth looking out for one of those!

  127. Anna Matthews says:

    I currently have 1 crash pad but definitely don’t try some moves/routes for fear of landing badly, a second would help me commit to those moves and hopefully send more of my projects! IG: @annamatthews_11

  128. Meg says:

    Out here in Connecticut, renting a bouldering pad is almost unheard of, and gym memberships are becoming so pricy it’s almost better to buy a pad and save some $$ on membership costs. Deciding between organic and black diamond is now the hard part!

  129. Paolo says:

    I never tried an organic crashpad but it’s so cool…I hope to try one soon to say “It’s wonderful”…Byeeee

  130. Angel Ho says:

    Making the move from indoor to outdoor climbing is sure an expensive endeavor but so worth it I think. Would love to be an owner of an organic crash pad.

  131. Simon says:

    If I would buy my first crashpad I would buy two small cheaper ones instead of one bigger crashpad its just more usefull

  132. Josh Estes says:

    Only way I’ve found to Boulder outdoors without a crash pad is finding climb spots over water. I’m lucky I live near the ocean I guess.

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