You have probably already seen or used a Pegboard in your local climbing gym but did you know that there are smaller versions available for your home gym?
Now, there’s no excuse anymore to not train your climbing strength!
We partnered up with Edelkraft to introduce you to the Pegboard 2.0 and have a little gift for you at the end of this article.

The Edelkraft Pegboard 2.0

Pegboard outside

The Edelkraft Pegboard 2.0. is a next generation pegboard. Beginners as well as advanced climbers can successfully use this gear. Thanks to the possible add-on with resistance bands, everyone can work effectively on their climbing strength, because the Edelkraft Pegboard has a wooden holder in its middle where a resistance band of any strength can be attached to it. Using the resistance band with one foot, part of the required force is held by the band and the exercise gets easier to perform. Therefore, longer and targeted training is made possible.

The advantages

  1. Suitable for beginners: Thanks to the resistance band add-on, everyone can train with the Pegboard.
  2. Incredibly effective and motivating: The up and down movement strengthens your whole upper body. Already after a short time you will notice progress.
  3. Perfect and sustainable materials: The board is made of especially stable multilayer wood, the handles are made of the hard beech trunk, 100% made in Germany.
  4. Simple mounting: Everything for mounting is included in the package. You can mount the board vertically or horizontally.
  5. You can hang a framed picture over the pegboard to cover it while it’s not used.

Visual Appearance and Handling

The pegboard is properly crafted, individual parts are free from splinters and it has an overall nice and clean look.

It’s developed in Berlin, produced locally and 100% made in Germany.

Pegboard detail

The handles feel comfortable in the hand and the wood is gentle on the cornea.

Additionally, the handles are slightly conical, which is convenient if the holes are opened to the back, so you can’t push them through by accident.

Mounting the Pegboard

To mount the pegboard, a 10mm drill and a stable wall are needed.
Be careful to only mount it on a stable wall as it needs to support your bodyweight.

If the pegboard is mounted on a straight wall, it is very hard to get a complex and diversified training. Either you mount it over a door or you have to think of a construction that puts it away from the wall. We recommend this to get the most out of your training.

Pegboard over the door

Comparison to the Gym Pegboard

The holes of the pegboard are straight, which sometimes makes it a bit hard to pull out the handles, because they can get stuck in the holes.
This can get a bit annoying in the beginning but it’s similar to the pegboards at the gym: The more you use it, the smoother it gets as the wooden material adjusts over time.

Since the Edelkraft Pegboard is a home training tool, it is a miniature version of the actual pegboard you know from the gym.
From the eyes of a professional climber the size is an obstacle in this regard, because the range is limited. For example, the possibility of lateral blocking is missing. Quick strength training is possible, but not really pleasant due to the short distances between the holes.
For beginners or advanced climbers, it’s a really nice option to have at home for climbing strength training.

Climbing Training Exercises for the Pegboard

Beginner and advanced climbers

Beginners who have only moderate to no experience with pegboarding will get their money’s worth with the beginner version of Edelkraft. The resistance band holder in the middle allows even beginners to start pegboard training as every training variation gets simplified and builds up the basic muscles for actual pegboarding. Advanced pegboarders can maintain their training routine and reduce the weight of the resistance band, thus approaching an unsupported execution.

The Pegboard is very versatile, you can train Lock-Off Power as well as the whole upper body.

Recommended exercises for beginners and advanced climbers

  • Assisted Pull-Ups / Pull-Ups / Uneven Pull-Ups
  • Deadhangs /One-arm deadhangs
  • Assisted Blocks / 90 degree blocks
  • Hanging core exercises: (Hanging L-Sit Hold / Corners / Around the World)
  • (Assisted) Step-by-Step pegboarding

All in all a great recommendation for beginners and advanced climbers!

Professional Climbers

Professionals don’t really have additional value from purchasing the pegboard, because the training effect for them is quite limited in terms of range or blocking angle, since only 6 holes are available. Also the relevant exercises become more and more limited. Thus weighted pull-ups can only be performed up to a total weight of 100kg (body weight + additional weight), which would correspond to a maximum additional weight of 30 kg for me. This is temporarily okay, but would be for a professional in the long run too little weight and you would have no more progression. Also the harder exercises are not executable (e.g. 1-5-8 or double dynos), because of the size. Only the one-arm pull-up and crossing would be possible.

But still: It’s better to have this pegboard around than to have no pegboard at all especially if you don’t have much space for a home gym. You can even cover up the pegboard with a framed image if your partner doesn’t like it at home. 😉


Beginner Climber

Beginners have the most benefit of the pegboard, because they can simplify almost every exercise with a resistance band and thus learn the basic movements of the pegboard.

Advanced Climber

Advanced pegboarders have the option of using a lighter resistance band to set a higher training stimulus. This resistance can be reduced until blocking is possible without additional help.

Professional Climber

At a certain level, harder training is essential to become stronger. However, the pegboard only offers a small range of options for professionals, as the basic blocking power is already given and the range should now be further trained.

A little gift for you

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Our guest author and strong climber Tom Seng tested the pegboard and wrote this honest review.

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