We like to support small climbing brands who build their products with love and Fingerschinder is no exception. They were happy to provide us with a Fingerschinder Mini to review and we gave it to the strong climber Tom Seng who put together an awesome review with training tips for you.

The Fingerschinder Mini Hangboard for climbers
The Fingerschinder Mini Hangboard for climbers


I had the honor to test the Fingerschinder Mini, a portable training device designed and produced by Jakob Glasner in cooperation with professional climbers and physiotherapists. From an aesthetical point of view, this hangboard is crafted flawlessly, its smooth and wooden design feels good in your hands. No splinters, no fancy features. Long story short: It’s perfect for purists.

Technical facts

It is 40 x 7,5 x 3 cm and weighs only 500g including the spacers and the 4m rope. The brand advertises their hangboard fitting in anywhere. Well it actually does.  I took it on my outdoor trips, in my local gym, and in mind that my backpack is always fully packed to the edge, there was always space for the Fingerschinder.

You can adjust the Fingerschinder Mini to your needs with spacers, generating six edge depths, counting down from 24mm in 3mm steps. Additionally, you can turn the knot to change the angle of the edges, so you have the option to train on incut or slopy edges. It is also balanced, so you work each side equally. For one arm hangs you have a one pad edge in the middle.


When it comes to training, there is just nothing this mini hangboard can’t do, if you stick to basic hangboard/crimp training. You won’t be able to train your pinch or sloper game, but therefore Fingerschinder offers you a wide variety of other products for your needs.

Fingerschinder Mini hangboard mounted on a tree
Fingerschinder Mini hangboard mounted on a tree

Basic pull or chin ups are a no-brainer on this training device, you just need the right location, where you can install this device. That’s the only downside. You’ll have to find a branch/rock/location, that is thick enough to carry your weight. This is a potential problem, but I found other ways to bypass that problem. If I can’t find the right spot for hanging this device, I just tie a loop, put the required spacers in there and press my feet into the loop to have a counterweight and pull. That’s more than enough for warming up.

Fingerschinder Mini hangboard - no mounting needed
Fingerschinder Mini hangboard – no mounting needed

But you can use the Fingerschinder for more than just warming up and regular hangboarding. With a bit of engineering you can thread weight discs in the rope and pull on the board while standing. This option makes it possible to workout at home, without the need to install something permanent.

At this point I need to say, that the Fingerschinder is probably not designed for this kind of workout and it’s a personal way of working out, so trying this out goes on your own risk. I added 75kg for the reverse hangboarding method and it went well. I talked to Jakob, asking about the max. weight you can put on the Fingerschinder. 100kg is in my opinion not even close to the max. limit, considering that during the testing phase 3 people deadhanged from the Fingerschinder.


One of my main strengths are crimps, that’s for sure. During my training with Schinder I recognized that my full-crimp position got a shit ton stronger. I ascribe this development to the fact, that I practiced full crimps on the hangboard, almost every day, Even after a full climbing session. I’m not a specialist, but I think it worked like a cool-down for your fingers, since my resistance band does not pull with a lot of force. What I did there was basically a circle from open hand grip to full crimp, using full range of motion slowly while gripping. If you want to know more about that, feel free to DM me. (Tom Seng) 😊


  • Basic Hangboarding
  • Basic Pull-Ups + Variation
  • Customized exercises (Reverse Hangboarding with weight/feet)


At the end of this review, I can recommend this device for people, who are searching for an outdoor warm up/ training tool or wanting a hangboard possibility at home.

The various options to warm up or maintain/ increase your finger strength makes it a perfect tool for me.

Pro & Contra in a nutshell:


  • Fits nice and perfectly in every backpack
  • Great tool for pulling exercises and finger workouts
  • Good price/usage, compared to other hangboards
  • Easy to use
  • Wide variety of possible exercises and increased difficulty thanks to spacers, versatile


  • Hard to mount outdoor If you can’t find a branch or something to mount it
  • Spacers are easy to lose

Feel free to check out the Fingerschinder About Us section to find out more about the brand and get yourself a hangboard or the climbing rings in their shop. Currently you get 10% off the Fingerschinder+ here.


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    I liked how he combined it with the rubber band, that’s pretty ingenious. I now know what to do if I win the giveaway, as I dont have an appropriate place to fix it to.

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