If you are into climbing or bouldering you are always looking for ways to improve your strength, climbing technique or your mental strength. While I think it’s best to go climbing with people who can climb harder than yourself, it’s not always as easy as it sounds to find the right partners all the time. A great way to compensate for that is to watch other people climb on YouTube to study their movements and behaviours.
So, in this survey I asked 158 people from 27 countries around the world about the best bouldering youtube channels and I would like to present the findings in this article.

As one of the participants said:
„There’s not enough climbing media! Feels like I’ve seen everything at least twice! “
Here’s some inspiration for you.

Top 8 Bouldering Youtube Channels

I asked all the participants for their most favourite bouldering youtube channels (up to 5 mentions per participant were possible) and then looked at all the mentions and their frequency to find the most popular channels. 

Best Bouldering Youtube Channels 2019

  1. Bouldering Bobat – 25,79%
  2. Magnus Midtbø – 25,79%
  3. Eric Karlsson Bouldering – 21,49%
  4. EpicTV Climbing Daily – 4,98%
  5. mellow – 4,07%
  6. Bouldering DabRats – 3,17%
  7. rockentry – 3,17%
  8. Adam Ondra -2,49%
  9. Other – 9,05%

The first thing I noticed was that – not surprisingly – the three channels Bouldering Bobat, Magnus Midtbø and Eric Karlsson Bouldering dominate the voting. Still, I found it quite interesting, that only those three channels account for nearly 75% of the votes. 

For the Top 1 we already have a tie with 25,79% each but let’s take a closer look on the survey data to see which channel actually is more popular.
In the survey each participant had the chance to mention up to 5 bouldering youtube channels in descending order regarding the popularity. Looking only at the mentions for everybody’s Top 1 bouldering youtube channel, Bouldering Bobat wins the battle with 32,91% against Magnus Midtbø with 29,75% of the votes.

I actually thought that Eric Karlsson Bouldering would rank higher but with 21,49% it’s very close to the top and still a very large gap to the next rank.

On Top 4 we have EpicTV Climbing Daily with 4,98% and I think subscribing to this channel should be mandatory for every climber, anyways. 😉

With 4,07% mellow makes it to the Top 5 just a few points behind EpicTV.

The next two ranks are again a tie between the Bouldering DabRats and rockentry with 3,17% but with the look at the most mentions as the Top 1 channel Bouldering DabRats wins with 3,16% over 2,53% from rockentry.

Again a surprise that the climbing youtube channel of the worlds strongest climber Adam Ondra is only on Top 8 of the list but I guess that’s also due to the fact that Adam just recently startet to publish content regularly.

A closer look at the people behind the Best Bouldering Youtube Channels

Bouldering Bobat

„London’s original bouldering Vlog! New videos every Wednesday and Sunday!“

A bunch of funny guys who are always entertaining to watch. They recently did nice collaboration videos with Magnus Midtbø and Eric Karlsson Bouldering.

Magnus Midtbø

„Climber and YouTuber with a fetish for training.“

Watching Magnus climb is just jaw-dropping and educational! His training videos are out of this world. I feel like his editing skills get better each episode and he puts a lot of effort into awesome quality vlogs.

Eric Karlsson Bouldering

„My name is Eric Karlsson, welcome to my Youtube Channel! I started this channel after watching all the climbing videos I could find, realizing that I had seen pretty much all the climbing videos that existed. I figured others must be in the same position as me, so I decided to create more climbing videos for the community. To share the stories of the people in my community, and hoping to inspire others to do the same.“

Very interesting to follow Eric’s path and personal development. The latest outdoor videos with Magnus Midtbø are just class!

I nearly pissed myself laughing while looking through the survey data when I saw how many spelling variations you guys had for Eric Karlsson Bouldering and Magnus Midtbø. Not the easiest names to spell though, to be fair. 😉

Fun Fact

EpicTV Climbing Daily

„The ONLY place for all your climbing news. Check in EVERY DAY for all the latest in sport, trad, ice climbing, bouldering, and mountaineering.“

Never miss the Wednesday news show with Hugo Pilcher and Matt Groom and the epic 9b counter!


A climbing media collection for climbers by climbers. A media platform designed to get you hyped to go out and rage them rocks. Subscribe to our youtube channel and follow our journey.”

Started by Shawn Raboutou, Giuliano Cameroni, Jimmy Webb, Keenan Takahashi, Kevin Takashi Smith and Daniel Woods.

Bouldering Dabrats

„Bouldering Dabrats (pronounced Dab Rats) is an independent YouTube channel promoting WOMEN IN CLIMBING! Because, strong girls rule!
We started our channel because we were saddened by the lack of content out there representing the bog-standard female climber, a.k.a., us!
We are motivated and empowered by the great female climbers of our time. We want to bring more women into this empowering sport by creating relatable content, and an awesome female collective of rad women (men also welcome)!“

A lot of survey participants asked for more female channels. Here you go! 


„A passionate rock climber like yourself who shares his climbing tips and techniques to help you progress by creating informative and motivational rock climbing videos.
If you’re a passionate climber who is looking to progress, Subscribe to join us!“

Especially his 1-year body transformation video where you can see how climbing and training changed his life and body shape is so inspirational.

Adam Ondra

„Adam Ondra is a professional rock climber, currently one of the best ones in the world. Here he shares his projects as well as experience from his ordinary days on the walls. Enjoy!“

What an opportunity to follow the journey and to get behind the scenes footage of such a living legend on the road to the olympics in Tokyo. 

Current Subscribers of the most popular Bouldering Channels

Besides the popularity, it’s important and also very interesting to look at the age of the bouldering YouTube channels and also the development of their subscribers to see how the survey results actually compare to the real subscriber data.

Best Bouldering Youtube Channels
Source: Socialblade.com

First to mention is the MASSIVE growth of Magnus Midtbø’s channel after the collaboration with Jujimufu and later also with other climbers like Eric Karlsson Bouldering, Bouldering Bobat and The Wide Boyz aka Tom Randall and Pete Whittaker.

For a long time EpicTV Climbing Daily has been the leader in terms of subscribers but in early 2019 Magnus just blew past and is already out of reach. 

Eric Karlsson Bouldering has been around for a really long time and pushes out great content consistently which brought this channel a pretty consistent growth rate over the last years. 

The subscriber graphs of Bouldering Bobat and Adam Ondra actually look surprisingly similar and both channels experience a significant growth in the past few month and left mellow behind which has been kind of plateauing since mid 2018.

It feels like rockentry is just picking up momentum right now and it looks like this channel is well on it’s way. 

I’m really excited where the still pretty small channel Bouldering DabRats is going. This channel was new to me and I think there are a lot of other people who have been waiting for a good female bouldering crew. 

Can’t get enough of great climbing and bouldering videos? 

So you might think right now: „Great – Thanks for nothing! I already know all of those channels!“ 

Well, let me tell you: „Calm down and keep reading!“

I looked at the survey results and made another article about the most underrated youtube bouldering channels which you might want to check out to satisfy your cravings. 🙂

What are your thoughts? Do you think there are bouldering YouTube Channels missing on this list? 

Feel free to share them in the comment section down below. 

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