I recently did a survey on the most popular bouldering YouTube channels and to no surprise the majority of the entries were the channels I already knew. While looking at the data I found it quite interesting to see how many good other climbing and bouldering youtube channels are already out there but are just a little bit under the radar.
In this article I want to share with you the most underrated bouldering YouTube channels and I hope you’ll find a few new ones for your list. 

Underrated Bouldering Youtube Channels

Emil Abrahamsson

„Bits and pieces of my life! I rock climb, train and work as a route setter. Sometimes I do stupid stuff as well.“

A likeable member of the Eric Karlsson Bouldering crew and really strong climber. Did you already know that he started his own YouTube Channel? 

International Federation of Sport Climbing

„World Up…Keep Climbing!
Climbing is one of the basic human movements. Probably one of the reasons why it attracts so many young people who can find in the three disciplines (Speed, Lead and Bouldering) which best fits their personalities. More than twenty-five million people from all around the Globe climb regularly outdoors and almost 3,000 people try climbing for the first time every day. With 83 National Federations on the 5 continents within the IFSC, 58 countries participating in World Championships and 50 in Youth World Championships, the IFSC has seen the Sport growing steadily and becoming spectacular: Something you can’t take your eyes off!“

The official climbing, bouldering and speed channel with great LIVE streams.

Mani the Monkey

„Non-Mainstream Content about Climbing and Self-Development.“

Actually, I was surprised that Mani did not make it on the list of the most popular bouldering YouTube channels as he already got a great following.

Unnecessary Heel hooks

„Hi, welcome to Unnecessary Heel hooks. We are a bunch of climbers from Dublin.“

Beta Routesetting

„Hello everyone, welcome to our Beta Routesetting channel!
We are a crew of setters working and traveling all over the world creating boulders and videos. 
We don´t care wether competition or commercial setting, world cup, hard moves final, regional or fun cups – we do everything!
Follow us on our travel videos, learn how to climb and how to set in our technic videos and let us show you all the gyms we visit.
Climbing is great, try it!“

Jennifer Langen

„I’m a gal from Los Angeles who likes to climb — no ropes attached.
Watch any of these videos and you’ll quickly realize that I’m not a pro. Since I started climbing in 2017, bouldering has taken me on such wonderful adventures, and has taught me so much. I still have a lot to learn, and I hope you’ll come along for the ride.“

Paul Robinson

„Climbing, Surfing, Travel, Cinematography, Adventure… What is next?”

Dan Turner

„Weekend Warrior, trying hard, living fast.“

Andrew MacFarlane

„Feeding viewers a healthy dose of climbing goodness.“


„SUBSCRIBE for new climbings video every Monday!
Hello! Jake and Kyle Love here. Welcome to BadWater Productions! A place for us to put together our two passions, movies and bouldering!“

Bouldering TV

Basically a lot of bouldering competition videos.

Dave MacLeod

„Films by Dave MacLeod, usually involving climbing of one type or another.“

Geek Climber

„I make entertaining and informative rock climbing videos.“

At first you might think: WTF?!
But this guy is a legend and a great bouldering channel to follow!

higlhy recommended

Jason Momoa

Besides being an actor he loves climbing and he was the laudator who gave the Oscar to the Free Solo crew. Check out his video where he climbs with the film maker Jimmy Chin. 

Jay climbz

„Climbing Vlogs based in the UK, aimed at self-progression, sharing techniques and working with other climbers to bring further light to this sport!“

Matt Groom

„Welcome to my Vlog! I present and produce EpicTV’s Climbing Daily show, but thought it would be good to show you some behind the scenes action. I’m going to be filming everyday, the weird bits you never get to see, the trips, the climbs, the gossip! Feel free to comment, contact me and generally get involved…“


„All about bouldering: International comps, interviews, analysis…
If you are a bouldering fan subscribe now!“

The wide boyz / Lattice Training / Paul Randall / Pete Whittaker

People suggested the wide boyz in the survey but besides the Lattice Training youtube channel I did not find another channel of them. People really like videos with their appearance – Why don’t they have an own channel with regular vlogs?

Any underrated Bouldering Youtube Channel missing?

Sheesh! That’s a lot of channels to check out for now. Do you still feel there are other great underrated bouldering YouTube channels missing on this list?

Feel free to share them in the comment section down below. 

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