As a climber you have probably seen the La Sportiva – Solution climbing shoe quite often and there are a ton of reviews out there. Actually, it’s the most popular indoor bouldering shoe as you can see in my recent survey on this topic
If you are thinking about getting the Solutions you might have asked yourself which size to pick. Look no further: I asked 84 climbers from around the world about the sizing of the La Sportiva Solution and what their thoughts about this climbing shoe are.

Of course the size depends on your foot shape and your climbing skills but on average, males downsize the La Sportiva Solutions -1.3 sizes (US) compared to their street shoe size. Females downsize -1 size (US).

Make sure to check out the insightful table where I share all the survey results with the specific foot shapes and size comparisons for males and females below.

The La Sportiva Solution – Design History

Before we take a deeper look at the data, I want to share a few background information about the Solutions.
The first release of the Solution was in 2007 and in the same year it has been awarded a 2007 iF Product Design Award by an international jury.

The original La Sportiva - Solution
The original La Sportiva – Solution

Quickly, it has become a classic for climbing and bouldering shoes and it’s still one of the top picks even more than 10 years after its release.

In 2018 La Sportiva released a new version with a few cosmetic changes and an upgraded closure system for the straps.

The 2018 version of the La Sportiva - Solution
The 2018 version of the La Sportiva – Solution

Before I knew that difference, I found it quite confusing to see those different versions with the same name while searching the online shops so I hope it’s clear for you now as well. 😉

La Sportiva Solution – Sizing Facts

I asked 84 climbers and boulderers who own the Solutions the following questions:

  • What foot shape do you have?
  • Which street shoe size do you have?
  • Which size do you have for your La Sportiva Solutions?
  • How do you like the fitting of the Solutions?
  • What do you like about the Solutions?
  • What don’t you like about the Solutions?

Looking at the survey data was very interesting and I selected a few key insights to highlight here:

Male Sizing

On average, males downsized their Solutions for 1.3 sizes (US) compared to their street shoe size.

Actually, one participant with a wide forefoot and a thin heel and midfoot even upsized his shoes half a size which is quite unusual.

Only two male participants used the same shoe size for their street shoes and climbing shoes as well.

Female Sizing

On average, females downsized their Solutions for 1 size (US) compared to their street shoe size.

Again, we have one female with narrow, long, high instep feet who took the unusual approach to upsize her climbing shoe size half a size compared to her street shoe size.

Here, only one participant used the same size for both climbing and street shoe sizes.

What do people like about the La Sportiva – Solution?

“Once they break in, they should be fabulous for most purposes, not an all-day shoe though.”

“So tight on the foot. When I wear them, I’m feeling like I can step on everything.”

“Love the 3D-moulded sensation on the middle of the feet. So much power on the toes.”

“Super aggressive with a precise toe. I just prefer the Scarpa – Instinct VS for the softer rubber”

“I like how much they focus the pressure into your big toe. Feels very precise with aggression but also support through the ball of your feet. Trust these to heel hook for my life.”

“I got the newer one (2018) and it fits my foot perfectly. Its toe hook and point are amazing.”

“Because their toe box is so good. But the strap kept tearing so I switched to La Sportiva – Skwama.”

What don’t people like about the La Sportiva – Solution?

“The stitching by the end of the Velcro on one shoe started to come undone after about a month. But, I still love them!”

“The strap broke two times. I prefer the Scarpa – Drago.”

“The heel is a little big and the womens version doesnt have the same stiffness as the originals.”

“Price 😂.. also since the rubber is so sticky they wear down fast.”

“They take a long time to break in and after owning them for about 3 months the stitching for the Velcro was coming loose and I had to fix it.”

“They tend to rub up against the knuckle of my big toe, but I just put a small piece of cotton or a band-aid there and I’m good to go all day.”

Sizing Data

Below you can see the tables with the survey responses for males and females. It is very helpful to figure out which size you need for your La Sportiva Solutions depending on your foot shape and street shoe size.

This table looks best and is most useful on a desktop computer, so make sure to send it to your inbox to read again later or try to flip your phone.
You can use the search bar to filter the table for your shoe size or specific foot shape characteristics like “low volume”, “wide foot” or other specifics you might be interested in.

Male Sizing Data

Foot shape Street Shoe Size Climbing Shoe Size Difference Fitting The Good The Bad
I have wide low volume feet 11 (US) / 10,5 (UK) / 45 (EU) 9,5 (US) / 9 (UK) / 43,5 (EU) -1,5 Poor health fit Aggressive shoe Heal doesn't fit great
Wide foot 10,5 (US) / 10 (UK) / 44,5 (EU) 9,5 (US) / 9 (UK) / 43,5 (EU) -1 Just like a glove Confortable
Normal width 10,5 (US) / 10 (UK) / 44,5 (EU) 9 (US) / 8,5 (UK) / 43 (EU) -1,5 Love them, the fit of the heel is perfect Fit Toe box rubs the top of toes a little funny and they stain my toes yellow (inside of shoes are yellow)
Regular 10,5 (US) / 10 (UK) / 44,5 (EU) 10 (US) / 9,5 (UK) / 44 (EU) -0,5 Mine were far too big, I had to twist the straps and wear socks for a semi snug fit. Toe was great even so, honestly still are my favorite hard bouldering shoe/route climbing. The toe placement is very secure and precise. The straps aren’t incredibly durable. (I have the old model). But if they break you can tie them together with some creativity.
Wide food 8 (US) / 7,5 (UK) / 41 (EU) 8 (US) / 7,5 (UK) / 41 (EU) 0 Great! That sharp downturned tow is awesome for precision Your taking them off between climbs, and they are not easy to get on and off.
7 (US) / 6,5 (UK) / 39 (EU) 5,5 (US) / 5 (UK) / 37,5 (EU) -1,5 its wonderful the heel the band
Mid to wide feet 8,5 (US) / 8 (UK) / 42 (EU) 7,5 (US) / 7 (UK) / 40 (EU) -1 Defintly narrower then shoes like instinct vs Good for edging and the fit dont really change , the downturn really stays like that due to p3 tech. I chose the shoe due to it being good, as i read but it was kind of narrow so i wouldn't recomend it even for med-wide like i have due to the narrow fit of the shoe, if someone with mid-wide feet would like to buy a shoe that has the same preformence as the these id recommend the scarpa instinct vs or vsr
11 (US) / 10,5 (UK) / 45 (EU) 8 (US) / 7,5 (UK) / 41 (EU) -3
Regular 10,5 (US) / 10 (UK) / 44,5 (EU) 8,5 (US) / 8 (UK) / 42 (EU) -2 Love them The overall performance Pain from break in
A small shape 9 (US) / 8,5 (UK) / 43 (EU) 8 (US) / 7,5 (UK) / 41 (EU) -1 They fit really nice Very good climbing shoe - also nice for a heel
10,5 (US) / 10 (UK) / 44,5 (EU) 9 (US) / 8,5 (UK) / 43 (EU) -1,5 I like it very much. I can pull on without too much hassle The mesh bootie
Regular 11 (US) / 10,5 (UK) / 45 (EU) 8,5 (US) / 8 (UK) / 42 (EU) -2,5 Hurts a little but a small price for this awasome shoe Very good point. Good for slabs Stinks bad and hurts in the begging
Normal to wide 8,5 (US) / 8 (UK) / 42 (EU) 7,5 (US) / 7 (UK) / 40 (EU) -1 Great after some sessions They are very precise and stiff
8,5 (US) / 8 (UK) / 42 (EU) 7 (US) / 6,5 (UK) / 39 (EU) -1,5
normal quite slim 9,5 (US) / 9 (UK) / 43,5 (EU) 8 (US) / 7,5 (UK) / 41 (EU) -1,5 the female one is perfekt the male one is too big grip fitting hooks precision (the best shoe of the world) high end It killd your feets you can't wear it too long
Narrow-ish 8,5 (US) / 8 (UK) / 42 (EU) 7 (US) / 6,5 (UK) / 39 (EU) -1,5 They’re amazing Best edging shoe ever The heel could be a little better. Skwamas have the nicest heel
fairly normal arch, somewhat wide feet 9 (US) / 8,5 (UK) / 43 (EU) 8,5 (US) / 8 (UK) / 42 (EU) -0,5 Pretty good. a bit uncomfortable but that’s to be expected really great heel and toe hooks and super good on steep walls kinda uncomfortable
13 (US) / 12,5 (UK) / 47 (EU) 11 (US) / 10,5 (UK) / 45 (EU) -2 Hurts at the beginning of each session. Becomes better after 10 minutes and fit perfectly Precision and heel hock at small steps
Small heel, wide toes 9 (US) / 8,5 (UK) / 43 (EU) 8,5 (US) / 8 (UK) / 42 (EU) -0,5 Good support of the mid foot. Nice toebox. The Heel is by far my favorite part of the shoe The heel and toehook ability you get. The fit in general I’ve heard that the strap rips of after some usage. Also that they stretch out quite a bit. But those really aren’t things i worry about right now.
Narrow 10 (US) / 9,5 (UK) / 44 (EU) 8,5 (US) / 8 (UK) / 42 (EU) -1,5 Fits like a glove Its a strong shoe with great feeling Not my first choice for sport climbs
Moderate Arch, Narrow Heel, Wide Forefoot, Egyptian Toe 10 (US) / 9,5 (UK) / 44 (EU) 8 (US) / 7,5 (UK) / 41 (EU) -2 The Solutions are have a very sock like fit for most of the foot and I especially like the way it hugs my arch, giving more power to my toes. But I personally find the heel box a bit wide and hence there’s an air bubble there that causes the heel to shift when I heel hook. The less weight is on the heel the more it shifts so this forces me to heel hook harder than I would with other shoes. Great edging, toe hooking and overall fit. Heel Fit.
wide 11 (US) / 10,5 (UK) / 45 (EU) 8,5 (US) / 8 (UK) / 42 (EU) -2,5 deathly narrow it s amazing for edge holds (like stepping crimp holds) velcro straps was always breaking off
Average 11,5 (US) / 11 (UK) / 45,5 (EU) 10,5 (US) / 10 (UK) / 44,5 (EU) -1 They are great don’t keep them on for very long The grip is amazing Nothing
"square foot" 9,5 (US) / 9 (UK) / 43,5 (EU) 7,5 (US) / 7 (UK) / 40 (EU) -2 At the beginning they are hard, but i like it a lot, they are made to the foot in a few days Comfortable, qualitatively complete and really precise. The heel does not convince me at all
My heels are pretty thin but the rest os pretty wide 10 (US) / 9,5 (UK) / 44 (EU) 9 (US) / 8,5 (UK) / 43 (EU) -1 It's nice but I could have gone for a half size down. The heel is also a bit loose The toepatch and look The heel is a little loose but it may be that they are a bit big. I also don't like the closure system, the strap starts tearing quickly.
10,5 (US) / 10 (UK) / 44,5 (EU) 10 (US) / 9,5 (UK) / 44 (EU) -0,5 Love them. Solutions are my favorite shoe, 7 years into climbing. Easy answer: the elastic strap. It works great...until it breaks. Simple solution: have a local cobbler or online climbing place put a new strap in.
Long and thin 8,5 (US) / 8 (UK) / 42 (EU) 7,5 (US) / 7 (UK) / 40 (EU) -1 It's soft and doesn't need so much to shape like my foot.No painfull rigid plastic above my toe.f Wearing speed and fitting On the fourth toe it's a little rigid
Wide forefoot , thin heel and midfoot 10 (US) / 9,5 (UK) / 44 (EU) 10,5 (US) / 10 (UK) / 44,5 (EU) 0,5 Too wide in the heel, perfect in forefoot. I love the toe rubber. The fit in the heel
Pretty large feet, and deep curved 9,5 (US) / 9 (UK) / 43,5 (EU) 8 (US) / 7,5 (UK) / 41 (EU) -1,5 It’s perfect, no air can escape and they fit at 100% The heel is very nice, nice curved so perfect for heel hook ! There is some extra rubber on the toe so comfortable for toe hook and theya re also very precise on small foot hold ! The color haha
High arches 10 (US) / 9,5 (UK) / 44 (EU) 8,5 (US) / 8 (UK) / 42 (EU) -1,5 Loose on heel Downturn Loose on heel
i am big on the heels and a bit low volume on the top of my foot, also a reasonably wide toe box 8,5 (US) / 8 (UK) / 42 (EU) 7,5 (US) / 7 (UK) / 40 (EU) -1 they fit me perfectly, it rounds out everywhere and just slips in. toes hurt a little, but not to much. i am always in control with these they are very good for gym/comp performance. they heve everything, nice front, good toerubber and a nice heel closure system they break pretty fast, with mine the straps to adjust them broke within 5 months
Longer big toe than other fingers. Mid sized foot ball and narrow heel 9,5 (US) / 9 (UK) / 43,5 (EU) 8 (US) / 7,5 (UK) / 41 (EU) -1,5 Tight Really precise tip. Grippy heel. Confortable in the achilles tendon Strap not durable. Heavy shoe. Sensitivity is not the best, but it’s enough.
Wide 10 (US) / 9,5 (UK) / 44 (EU) 7 (US) / 6,5 (UK) / 39 (EU) -3 Tight Heel hook Rlly tight
Fairly wide but short feet 8 (US) / 7,5 (UK) / 41 (EU) 7,5 (US) / 7 (UK) / 40 (EU) -0,5 They are pretty snug and were tough to get on at first but once i started climbing in them they were fine, slightly uncomfortable at first but they stretch Agressive, good for overhangs, good sticky toe patch and a super good heel. Nothing comes to mind but maybe the rubber on the toe could be stuck down better as it is starting to peel?
Egyptian 10,5 (US) / 10 (UK) / 44,5 (EU) 8,5 (US) / 8 (UK) / 42 (EU) -2 Pretty good Shape of the toe box Lacing system and the form of the heel
Short and wide 8 (US) / 7,5 (UK) / 41 (EU) 6,5 (US) / 6 (UK) / 38,5 (EU) -1,5 Very tight at first for a wide foot, after you break them in though they are perfect. They allow you to confidently stand on the tiniest of ledges and have great design for support and really allow you to push your limits. They take a long time to break in and after owning them for about 3 months the stitching for the Velcro was coming loose and I had to fix it.
skinny and flat 8,5 (US) / 8 (UK) / 42 (EU) 7 (US) / 6,5 (UK) / 39 (EU) -1,5 they fit rly well the new model has great toe hooks the velcro on mine peeled off at the edges
Normal, neither wide or narrow 13 (US) / 12,5 (UK) / 47 (EU) 11,5 (US) / 11 (UK) / 45,5 (EU) -1,5 Very awesome The grip and the fit The rand is thin, but mostly I just have shitty feet
8 (US) / 7,5 (UK) / 41 (EU) 7 (US) / 6,5 (UK) / 39 (EU) -1 Noice They’re noice Nothin
10 (US) / 9,5 (UK) / 44 (EU) 9 (US) / 8,5 (UK) / 43 (EU) -1 In the beginning I felt pain, because they fit very tight, but after some sessions it is no problem anymore Perfect and very tight fitting, good toe and heel hooking possible and very good grip in volumes and on small Climbing holds -
8,5 (US) / 8 (UK) / 42 (EU) 7,5 (US) / 7 (UK) / 40 (EU) -1 the latest version is a bit loos on the heel allrounder don't like the heel of the latest version. The old one was tighter on the achilles heel.
Narrow 9 (US) / 8,5 (UK) / 43 (EU) 7,5 (US) / 7 (UK) / 40 (EU) -1,5 Good but the heel don’t fit me The flexibility of the shoe The rubber wears out too quickly
Narrow feet and a low top foot arch. 9 (US) / 8,5 (UK) / 43 (EU) 8,5 (US) / 8 (UK) / 42 (EU) -0,5 Love the fitting they fit my feet nicely and I can get a real precise feeling on small holds Grippy rubber, really good on extremely small holds, love the big rubber on the toe for toe hooking. They fit my feet very well. They tend to rub up against the knuckle of my big toe, but I just put a small piece of cotton or a band-aid there and I’m good to go all day.
Normal I guess 13 (US) / 12,5 (UK) / 47 (EU) 9,5 (US) / 9 (UK) / 43,5 (EU) -3,5 Fits pretty well but I should have gone for bigger (3.5 difference) Great heel I have them for half a year and they are already starting to worn out.
Narrow 9 (US) / 8,5 (UK) / 43 (EU) 8,5 (US) / 8 (UK) / 42 (EU) -0,5 Really comfy, but the heel wiggles around Feel of a platform against my feet The heel is to ridged.
I have a medium sized foot La sportiva have a foot sizing chsrt that I can send to u that I think will be really help full to u I will send it to u on instagram 6 (US) / 5,5 (UK) / 38 (EU) 5 (US) / 4,5 (UK) / 37 (EU) -1 The heel fits comfturbly to mine and is a snug fit my toes are nice jamed up near the edge of the shoe and my arch feeks snug on tge side of my foot The solutions are made out of a strong rubber that lets the solutions keep there shape better than other shoes The heel on tge solutions are really stiff.
Normal foot, 8 (US) / 7,5 (UK) / 41 (EU) 6 (US) / 5,5 (UK) / 38 (EU) -2 Perfect all the 3 main characteristics of a shoe The toe is perfect Nothing
Fat foot 8,5 (US) / 8 (UK) / 42 (EU) 6 (US) / 5,5 (UK) / 38 (EU) -2,5 Tight but comfy The heel hook The strap. It cuts some times
Big feet, size 45 11,5 (US) / 11 (UK) / 45,5 (EU) 11 (US) / 10,5 (UK) / 45 (EU) -0,5 Love it Edging Lack of comfort
10,5 (US) / 10 (UK) / 44,5 (EU) 9,5 (US) / 9 (UK) / 43,5 (EU) -1 Very good fitting after a few climbing sessions Good shape, great design, very good hold Nothing yet
Broad sole 7,5 (US) / 7 (UK) / 40 (EU) 6,5 (US) / 6 (UK) / 38,5 (EU) -1 The knee and the rigidity The straps
Egyptian 8,5 (US) / 8 (UK) / 42 (EU) 8 (US) / 7,5 (UK) / 41 (EU) -0,5 The hook.my feet choose the Solution
Narrow and super long second toe 9,5 (US) / 9 (UK) / 43,5 (EU) 9 (US) / 8,5 (UK) / 43 (EU) -0,5 Good. This is second pair I’ve had. Easy on/off. Grip for days. Good support Hammered toes are painful
Long 12 (US) / 11,5 (UK) / 46 (EU) 10,5 (US) / 10 (UK) / 44,5 (EU) -1,5 Really nice fit Toe Too steep
Wide in the front 11,5 (US) / 11 (UK) / 45,5 (EU) 9,5 (US) / 9 (UK) / 43,5 (EU) -2 In the end they get wider but appart from that they are great Comfortable In the end they widen
Very Curved 7,5 (US) / 7 (UK) / 40 (EU) 7,5 (US) / 7 (UK) / 40 (EU) 0 Yes It's tow hook Everything
Wide and not too flexible 10,5 (US) / 10 (UK) / 44,5 (EU) 8,5 (US) / 8 (UK) / 42 (EU) -2 Perfect fit, like a glove on the heel Everything, tried lots of different models and are the best for me Closure system
Somewhat straight but wider mid foot than heel 8,5 (US) / 8 (UK) / 42 (EU) 8 (US) / 7,5 (UK) / 41 (EU) -0,5 Fitts nicely Toes Heel
Wide fore foot, medium high bridge, pronator, 10,5 (US) / 10 (UK) / 44,5 (EU) 9,5 (US) / 9 (UK) / 43,5 (EU) -1 Snug in front and well protected in the heel for heelhooks but just spacious and wide enough in the front so your toes dont overlap. The dubble strap with big attachment so you can play with the pressure from front to back. The place were the diffrent colour rubbers meet the suede tend to come loose after some time.

Female Sizing Data

Foot shape Street Shoe Size Climbing Shoe Size Difference Fitting The Good The Bad
8,5 (US) / 6 (UK) / 39 (EU) 6 (US) / 3,5 (UK) / 36 (EU) -2,5
Very narrow, high arches, small for my height 6,5 (US) / 4 (UK) / 37 (EU) 7,5 (US) / 5 (UK) / 38 (EU) 1 Shoe “size” doesn’t mean much for the Solitions - I sized up from my shoe size and my toes are curled at the end and literally couldn’t fit my foot in anything smaller. Very snug fit for good control. Took about 3 climbing sessions to break in. Great for bouldering and toe/heel hooks. The edge is nice for standing on tiny foot holds. The stitching by the end of the Velcro on one shoe started to come undone after about a month. But, I still love them!
A little Flat 7,5 (US) / 5 (UK) / 38 (EU) 8,5 (US) / 6 (UK) / 39 (EU) 1 They fit really well if you have high feet, the first 4 months they really hurt They are very precise, long lasting and you can do really good toe hooks
Short and wide at the front 6,5 (US) / 4 (UK) / 37 (EU) 6 (US) / 3,5 (UK) / 36 (EU) -0,5 They are a little bit top big around the heel I like the build up on the foot wrist so toehooking is much easier They press down on the middle of the toes
Wide forefoot, short narrow heel 8,5 (US) / 6 (UK) / 39 (EU) 6,5 (US) / 4 (UK) / 37 (EU) -2 Fit well, tight across toes, heel can slip sometimes once broken in becuase I have narrow heels Toe rubber makes for amazing toe hooks, and the edge is great for tiny edges The heel is a little big and the womens version doesnt have the same stiffness as the originals
Normal to wide 8,5 (US) / 6 (UK) / 39 (EU) 7 (US) / 4,5 (UK) / 37,5 (EU) -1,5 Sizing down two sizes makes them very tight but the precision you can feel with the tow is worth it Heel hooks are so easy in these shoes with no pain and the toe is so sharp foot switches on slab are easy They put a lot of pressure on your big toe causing bad calluses
Slender especially on the heel 7,5 (US) / 5 (UK) / 38 (EU) 6 (US) / 3,5 (UK) / 36 (EU) -1,5 The fitting overall is nice in the women shoe, but there is still air in the heel, so the heelhook is not always perfect I like the flexibility of the shoe
Narrow, long, high instep 7,5 (US) / 5 (UK) / 38 (EU) 8 (US) / 5,5 (UK) / 38,5 (EU) 0,5 Small amount of burping in the heel at times, right across top of toes, comfortable enough for longer route climbing, precise enough for steep bouldering with lots of heel hooks. Heel hooks are solid! Rubber seems sticky. The toe and edge are fantastic for small chips! They don’t stretch much, which makes sizing them right out of the box easy. I have torn the tightening straps on more than one occasion, and I wish they were made to withstand rigorous use.
Narrow with small hesls 6,5 (US) / 4 (UK) / 37 (EU) 6 (US) / 3,5 (UK) / 36 (EU) -0,5 Absolutely in love. Very tight and aggressive I like how much they focus the pressure into your big toe. Feels very precise with aggression but also support through the ball of your feet. Trust these to heel hook for my life. Not the most sensitive for bouldering. Would prefer something softer for slabs that require a lot of friction. However they are good for tiny edges.
Slim feet 8,5 (US) / 6 (UK) / 39 (EU) 7,5 (US) / 5 (UK) / 38 (EU) -1 Fitts perfect but takes a while to get used to the small size if your not used to it. Very good grip, both for toe hook and heel hook The only downsize is the color for the womens solution, pink/white.
quite wide a the tip but and small near the heel 9 (US) / 6,5 (UK) / 40 (EU) 7,5 (US) / 5 (UK) / 38 (EU) -1,5 I love it. It holds the foot really well altogether. Not the best for people who love heelhook but it’s an amazing shoe. You’re really able to grab every centimetre on very small foot holds. The shoe fits like a glove and the rubber is very good. For indoor climbing it’s amazing. The shoe tends to slip off when I’m really forcing on a heel hook but it does the job.
Very narrow feet 8 (US) / 5,5 (UK) / 38,5 (EU) 6 (US) / 3,5 (UK) / 36 (EU) -2 Very nice fit, I bought the women version and they are a bit more narrow. The only issue I had, is that my heel was too small The hard heel and the pointy nose The size of the heel
Slim, a bit high;) 8,5 (US) / 6 (UK) / 39 (EU) 8 (US) / 5,5 (UK) / 38,5 (EU) -0,5 Very close; good fit at the heel and toes; good grip; shoelace destroyes easily Hooks; good grip Shoelace (Good to use, but easy to rip)
Tiny slim feet 6 (US) / 3,5 (UK) / 36 (EU) 5 (US) / 2,5 (UK) / 35 (EU) -1 Pretty nice , but still comes off when heelhooking Nice slim fit Comes off the heel
Regular, but long toes, bit broad for a female 9 (US) / 6,5 (UK) / 40 (EU) 7,5 (US) / 5 (UK) / 38 (EU) -1,5 Perfect, but bit of a agressive shoe. Perfect for bouldering Strong heel, good toe patch, Sometimes the straps break quiet soon
Slim with a weird kinda small heel 7,5 (US) / 5 (UK) / 38 (EU) 7 (US) / 4,5 (UK) / 37,5 (EU) -0,5 They’re great it’s the best shoe for my heel shape and they hug my feel really nicely It took no time to break them in I think I’m getting bone spurs on my heels from them
Wide in the front 7,5 (US) / 5 (UK) / 38 (EU) 6,5 (US) / 4 (UK) / 37 (EU) -1
Small 8,5 (US) / 6 (UK) / 39 (EU) 8,5 (US) / 6 (UK) / 39 (EU) 0 The heel is nice and the toes Great fit and good quality X
It's quite slim 8,5 (US) / 6 (UK) / 39 (EU) 7 (US) / 4,5 (UK) / 37,5 (EU) -1,5 They're really good for toehooks and heelhooks They're really comfortable The laces, they break very easily!
No arch, medium width 9,5 (US) / 7 (UK) / 41 (EU) 7 (US) / 4,5 (UK) / 37,5 (EU) -2,5 Love them Fits my feet perfectly, good toe and heel, easy to put lots of weight on my feet, can trust my feet Hurts my toes
Normal 8,5 (US) / 6 (UK) / 39 (EU) 6 (US) / 3,5 (UK) / 36 (EU) -2,5 Tres bien pour le bloc, binne adherence, bon talon, bonne contre pointe. Agreable, confort, souple Tres bien pour le bloc, binne adherence, bon talon, bonne contre pointe. Agreable, confort, souple Rien
Slim and narrow 8 (US) / 5,5 (UK) / 38,5 (EU) 7 (US) / 4,5 (UK) / 37,5 (EU) -1 I love the shoes so much they have a great point and they are great for experienced climbers. I love how aggressive the shoes are! Honestly I can’t think of one thing I don’t like about them! Best climbing shoes I’ve ever had!
A bit wide 7,5 (US) / 5 (UK) / 38 (EU) 6,5 (US) / 4 (UK) / 37 (EU) -1 They are perfectly tight

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