Looking for a great gift for your climbing friends or even for yourself? Are you as tired as I am of those long lists of the same old climbing gift products? Then I might have something for you!

I hand selected a few unique and creative gifts for rock climbers and boulderers by small climbing businesses which would love to get your support. I did not use any affiliate links here and I only linked to the products because I personally like them.

As you might already know, I myself am running an Etsy shop with unique products for climbers and added them to the list, so in case you want to support what I do, I’d be glad if you checked them out.

1. Card deck for climbers

BestBoulders Card deck for climbers

A card deck with 52+3 cards in a unique climbing design. With beautiful illustrations of climbing gear and the following climbers:

Tommy Caldwell, Bouldering Dabrats, Sasha DiGiulian, Janja Garnbret, Matt Groom, Alex Honnold, Eric Karlsson, Alex Megos, Magnus Midtbo, Adam Ondra, Hugo Pilcher, Alex Puccio, Tom Randall, Jakob Schubert, Chris Sharma, Ashima Shiraishi and Pete Whittaker.

Fun fact: All the pro climbers in the deck gave their approval and like the idea. 1€ of each card deck will be donated to a good cause.

By BestBoulders from Germany.

I started with the instagram account @bestboulders in 2017 as a little side project because I love climbing and now my unique products for climbers provide for our little family of 4 and we permanently live in our motorhome. (Originally from Germany, currently in Greece)


2. Climbing hold bottle opener

Climbing hold bottle opener for climbers by squid climbing

Just a perfect little gift for your climbing friend who loves to drink a beer or two. There are three climbing holds with different grades and I bet you can’t open your bottle with the hardest one without spilling it.

By Squid Climbing from the Netherlands.

A small dutch climbing company who put a lot of thought and love into their climbing products.


3. Hangboards for your finger strength

Pretzel hangboard for climbers by Breadhouse Climbing

The Pretzel – Hand ‚baked‘ by their CNC machine Breadhouse Climbing from Canada offer the versatile and portable hangboards to help you increase your finger strength.

Fun fact: Eli Dannenbaum – one of the founders – got featured on CTV News for his crazy home climbing gym with a net as protection. Definitely check it out on their instagram account.

By Breadhouse Climbing from Canada.

The co-founders and friends are engineering students with complementary passions that led to this entrepreneurial adventure. They merged their expertise in all things climbing and machining to enable the design of Breadhouse’s first product: The Pretzel.


Fingerschinder+ hangboard for climbers

The Fingerschinder+ hangboard has a simple and beautiful design, is really portable and adjustable. Definitely also check out their funny climbing hands shirt design in their shop.

By Fingerschinder from Austria.

The Fingerschinder products come from a very talented designer and craftsman and they come to life with the help of two small highly experienced woodworking-workshops in the countryside of Austria.


4. Skin Care for your dry climbing skin

Orbital Climbing Boulder Balm for climbers

Boulder Balm – Formulated to fight the drying affects of chalk and abuse from rock with powerful 100% natural ingredients.

By Orbital Climbing from USA.

Orbital Climbing is a small batch skin care company based out of Nashville, TN. They meticulously craft all their products from scratch and love what they do!


Kletterretter handcreme for climbers

Kletterretter handcreme – KletterRetter is a fast absorbing, non-greasy hand cream to care for your skin after climbing. The special formula has been developed by experts and tested by climbers to help your skin quickly regenerate.

By Kletterretter from Germany.

KletterRetter was born back in 2010 when their founder, Dave and his wife Steph, were climbing their way around the world. It was then, during a hard climbing session, when Dave tore open a callus on his finger which formed a painful “flapper”. This very moment was the inspiration to develop a skin care product with the specific needs of climbers in mind.


5. Keyholder for climbers (Single and Triple)

Single Keyholder for climbers by bestboulders

Single nut keyholder – Beautiful crack imitation which looks and feels like real rock where you can practice your nut placement skills at home and have a convenient place to hang your keys. The rock is handmade in Germany and the nut comes from a climbing nut company and looks just like an original nut.

Triple Keyholder for climbers by bestboulders

Triple nut keyholder – Same as the single but with place for three of your keys.

By BestBoulders from Germany.


6. Chalk bag and climbing apparel

Rungne Chalk bag

Chalk bag – Is there anything better than owning a chalk bag by the chalk god himself – Magnus Midtbø? You have to be quick though as they are sold out pretty quickly but you can also find some other great products which make good gifts for climbers in their shop.

By Rúngne from Norway.

Rúngne was founded by the famous climber and YouTuber Magnus Midtbø and you can bet that a lot of thought and love goes in into the development of those products.


7. Fingertape for climbers

Fingertape for climbers by Wideboyz

Fingertape – The crack climbing gods Tom Paul Randall and Pete Whittaker developed a high quality performance tape which is suited for all kinds of climbing styles. Definitely a good filler for your stockings or as a little surprise gift for a climbing friend.

By WideBoyz from the United Kingdom.

The crack climbing company founded by two pro climbers offers high quality products and through their funny YouTube videos you can really feel their love for climbing.


8. Climbing hold mugs

Climbing hold mugs by Climbergoods

Rock climbing mug – Imagine training your finger strength in the morning while having a cup of coffee. These awesome mugs for climbers are what’s missing in your climbing friends kitchen.

By Climbergoods from USA.

Climbergoods is a small climbing business started by Nathan and his wife in Pittsburgh, PA and is a great example how a passion can turn into a business.


9. Climbing Hold Soap

Climbing hold soap for climbers by so ill

3 Pack climbing hold soap – Such a great idea! Hand soap in the shape of climbing holds in different colors. They are being produced with help from Herbaria Soap which has been handcrafting premium soap and skin care products in St. Louis, MO since 2002. All Herbaria products are free of animal products, synthetic fragrances, preservatives, and colorants. Aromas come from essential oils.

By So iLL from USA.

Started by a climber in his college rental house So iLL developed to become a well known brand in the climbing industry with products ranging from climbing holds, to shoes, apparel and accessories for climbers. 


10. Climbing Stickers and nut keychains

Climbing stickers by bestboulders

Sticker pack and nut keychains for climbers – Some sweet little add-on gifts for your climbing friends from BestBoulders. Climbing stickers in the shape of carabiners, climbing shoes, rope, harness, helmet, tape, chalk bag, brush, hangboard etc. There are even a few stickers with a reference to quarantine gains.

climbing nut keychain for climbers by bestboulders

The climbing nut keychain is a perfect little gift in case you can’t afford to purchase the full keyholder set from above and you can choose between 5 beautiful colors.

By BestBoulders from Germany.


11. Last minute gift

Cloloring Book for climbers by bestboulders

BestBoulders Coloring Book – You are late and still need a little present for your climbing friend? Just sign up for the BestBoulders newsletter and get the self-print-out coloring book for climbers as a free download with tons of great climbing illustrations to paint. 

I hope you got some inspiration out of this list and maybe you found a great gift for your climbing friend. Be sure, all of the listed small climbing companies would love to see your support.

Are there any great gifts for climbers missing? Let me know in the comments or on instagram!

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