You might want to know what this is all about and why I started the Instagram page @bestboulders. Well, sit down and let me explain how it all came about. 🙂

Climbing Restart after a long Break

I went climbing quite regularly in my teens and I really loved it but once university begun and I additionally co-founded a startup during that time, I sadly lost climbing out of sight.

Only after focusing quite a bit on the right balance between work and life I realised, what climbing gave me. I am really happy to say that I found a sport for me where I just love to spend time on, try to get better and enjoy the process!

Climbing at Tannheimer Tal
Me climbing a multipitch route at Tannheimer Tal, Austria, Europe

Looking for Inspiration for Climbing and Bouldering technique

To regain strength I went bouldering a lot and of course you learn the quickest when you go climbing with people who are better than yourself. While this is true, it’s still a challenge to always find the right partners to learn from.

This quickly led me to the youtube channels Eric Karlsson Bouldering, Mani the Monkey and Magnus Midtbø. I loved the fact to learn from their expertise and to be able to do so whenever I wanted and also to replay certain moves. I must say that my climbing improved quite a bit only after watching those kind of videos and applying the lessons learned in the gym.

But still, I thought there was something missing as I did not always find the time to watch those long form videos.
On Instagram I then quickly found the right kind of content I was looking for. Short, powerful bouldering clips as little inspiration boosts which are sometimes needed to stay motivated.

Starting my own Instagram Bouldering Page

Unfortunately it wasn’t very easy to find those bouldering videos, so I followed quite a few climbing accounts, searched in hashtags and trending pages. Scrolling through my feed, I quickly got annoyed about all the unnecessary content of all those accounts. (Why is everyone posting about their food and what not?! I just want awesome climbing and bouldering content 😀 ) So I just started an Instagram bookmark list with my favourites for myself.

Then thought, why only keeping it to myself? Why not create an account for just this awesome climbing content without all the unnecessary mess?
So thats what I did and @bestboulders was born.

A bouldering community started to develop

Luckily, quite a few other people liked the content and appreciated the effort I took to select just the best bouldering videos in instagram.
The following got bigger and I am so happy that out of this small idea we together created this very funny, educational, supportive and inspirational bouldering community.

Since then, there have been some nice projects going on on the page:

  • Occasional giveaways of bouldering shoes, training gear, chalk bags, skin care products, climber gifts and a lot more from well known and especially from emerging brands from the climbing industry.
  • BestBoulders Ascent Calendar: In December we had one giveaway every day until Christmas.
  • Weekly Hangman Challenge: We tracked our weekly training progress for max. hangs on different hangboard sizes. This was very popular but discontinued due to injury prevention as it was not the right approach.
  • DIY Memes: We create funny climbing memes together which are shared in my stories.
  • Climbing Resolutions: In the beginning of the year I asked you about your climbing goals and resolutions. (As I know that they will be forgotten quite fast for most of us) I’ll send out reminders with your own words to you each 3 months to get your ass kicked if you forgot about your climbing goals. You can still join here.
  • Surveys: I am conducting surveys on bouldering and climbing related topics such as the Most Popular Chalk or the Most Popular Indoor Bouldering Shoes. It’s always interesting to get some insights from real and fresh data.

I’ve got a lot more ideas in mind for the future and I am always interested in your suggestions. Feel free to reach out to me on instagram or via mail.

The first original BestBoulders Product: The Keyholder

A career change gave me the opportunity to spend more time on this project so I said, why not give it a chance and put in more effort to see where this is going.

It did not take long and the first original BestBoulders product idea came up: The best keyholder for climbers. I was just blown away by the positive resonance I got for it.

BestBoulders Keyholder for climbers

Read more about how the idea came to me and how I started to make them here.

Since then, I developed a lot of unique climbing products which you can find in my Etsy shop.

I am really excited about where this already led me and where it will bring me and us in the future! 🙂

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